The Little Sins
of the World
Deserve Witnesses

Pierre Belhassen

Emotion seeker

The picture was shot in Rome in 2019. It’s part of an ongoing personal project, Color Walk, which gathers colorful life scenes from all around the world. I took this picture on Piazza Del Quirinale during my first trip in this city. My attention was immediately drawn to the many nuns strolling as the Vatican was nearby.

I was interested by them, their quite specific clothes, the fact that they only move around in small groups. I found them incredibly photogenic and I took many pictures of them. They appear as a thread of my trip. This fun and joyful picture struck me because of the intense emotion it gives. In a way, this shot sums up my entire journey visiting Rome. I remember the nuns were quite far away when I saw them. I run, quickly walked up few stairs to reach them. As I was eventually facing them, I realized the Piazza was completely empty of tourists. There were only the nuns and me…

Here was my chance! I eagerly took several shots before this magical moment was over. I know these magic moments only last a few seconds. I do believe in Cartier Bresson’s definition about an alignment of the head, the eye and the heart…in that sense we could define a good photograph as an act which should skillfully combine, in a single gesture, the thought, the technique and the emotion. The emotion can come from simplicity or chaos, but once all the elements are aligned, the magic happens. And this magic directly talks to the heart.

The Little Sins of the World Deserve Witnesses

Leica’s cameras are the only with which I can take snapshot.
Pierre Belhassen

I’m a freelance photographer based in Marseille. I pursued audio-visual studies and then I discovered photography in 2005. I became straight away an avid fan of this art.


The passion for pictures and the endless possibilities photography offers made me turn my hobby into a job. My style is Street Photography, a straightforward approach without any staging of daily life. It’s a question for me of witnessing characteristic cultural signs of a period as well as creating my own narrative universe, seeking for the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary as well as revealing the poetry of life. Your eyes learn to observe, they learn to read and dissociate shapes, light and colors. When photography deeply impregnates you, it becomes a discipline of life.

On Leica- Blameless

My uncle who lived in Tunisia was a Leica fan. When he died, I inherited a superb Leica M2 that I still have. Several years later I bought a M7 that helped me create my photographic universe. With the rise of digital photography, I knew I had to move on from film to digital. I decided to go for a M (Typ 240). This camera lets me do my work with serenity.

I work with the M (Typ 240) and 35mm ASPH 2.0 lens. Leica has always been for me a brand associated with high quality. The way the camera is engineered is blameless. It’s a discreet and sturdy device with an exceptional image quality. I have a deep connection with the M series handling that pushes me to dream my image. I also use a lot hyperfocal technique to only focus on the frame and not the technicals. For me, Leica’s cameras are not tools but instruments, just as the one musicians play.