Book presentation: Amelia Davis, Jim Marshal’s ‘The Haight: Love, Rock and Revolution’

Amelia Davis presents a new book about the Grammy Trustee award-winning music photographer Jim Marshall (1936–2010). Marshall is represented with three exhibitions in the Leica Galerie, including a collection of photographs captured in the legendary Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood in San Francisco from 1965-1968, during the rise of today’s modern counterculture movement. Jim Marshall left a legacy of powerful portraits of the big stars of the music scene of his times, like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Donovan and the Beatles, as well as icons of the age like concert promoter Bill Graham, Beat Generation poets Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary, the guru of psychedelia.

When: Wednesday 17/09/2014
, 3 p.m
Where: photokina 2014 Cologne, Leica Stage, Hall 1