Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Do I need to own a Leica to be eligible?
    A. Owning a Leica camera or lens is not required to participate.

2. Q. Do my submissions need to be created on a Leica?
    A. Submitted images can be made with any brand make or model digital or analog camera.

3. Q. Can I submit images made with my smartphone’s camera?
    A. Smartphone images are not permitted and will disqualify the application.

4. Q. Can men apply?
    A. Breaking down barriers that have been built over time has a lot to do with education and opening yourself up to allow a different perspective to enter your world. As uncomfortable as this may be, it is the prerequisite for mutual understanding, respect, compromise, change and in the end equality. 

With this in mind, Leica Camera USA made a conscious decision to launch the “Leica Women Foto Project” and not only encourage women to participate and provide their unique perspective on issues they care about today but also allow men to enter with a project that provides a female perspective on a topic that women care about.

We believe that we can achieve more substantial dialogue and change if we include and do not exclude. We want to empower women not by diminishing men but by challenging men to see the world through the eyes of a woman.

5. Q. Is there a fee to enter the contest?
    A. There is no fee to enter. However, applicants must be 21 years or older and reside in the United States in order to be considered.

6. Q. Will I receive a notification after I submitted my application?
    A. Yes, all applicants will receive an e-mail from the Leica Women Foto Project after each submission.

7. Q. How do I review my submission?
    A. All applicants must create an account prior to submission. The 'Leica Women Foto Project | Award' uses Submittable as the submission platform. Applicants may save drafts and review their submission afterwards on Submittable.

8. Q. How many times may I enter the Award?
    A. The Award is limited to one submission per applicant. Applicants may not edit once they submit their project. In addition, applicants may withdraw their submission at any time but cannot re-enter afterwards.

9. Q. Why is the project only applicable to the United States and its Residents?
    A.The Leica Women Foto Project is an initiative developed and implemented by Leica Camera Inc, a subsidiary of Leica Camera AG, serving the United States of America. As such, we are governed by United States law and not set up to offer international contests.

10. Q: What are the Entrant’s Intellectual Property Rights when submitting an application for the LWFP Award?
    A: All Entrants retain all ownership rights to their entire submission. The 12 Finalists grant Leica Camera Inc. a license to use the submission in the context of and to promote the Leica Women Foto Project only. Details of this license are outlined in the updated Official Contest Rules. We will not sell rights in any submission to a third party, and we will not use any submission in our general sales and marketing materials.

More information regarding submission guidelines and criteria are found under the Official Award Rules.
For questions, please e-mail us at