Her Legacy

Find inspiration from the female visual voice as you read through our photographer interviews. The Leica Women Foto Project will feature photographers from all over, highlighting their unique perspectives and experiences within photography.

Eva Woolridge

"The Size of a Grapefruit was my method to heal from trauma. I want people who don't know about ovarian cysts to understand how it feels when one is about to rupture.. I want more attention on the symptoms so that permanent damage can be avoided. And I want people to learn and understand the realities of the black female experience and our history of neglect in the medical industry."

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Yana Paskova

"It is the intersect of these women’s stories as individuals and as a collective that I’d like to discover.. Where Women Rule aims to be a visual and sociological look at what happens when cultural norms of gender are amended or removed — via the all-female societies across the world — leading us to new notions of femininity and masculinity, human bonds, family and the fluid boundaries of identity."

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Debi Cornwall

"As a concerned American, I’m looking to better understand our current moment. Necessary Fictions explores how fiction and reality blur within the post-9/11 “fantasy-industrial complex.” My goal is to examine how fictions are deployed and embraced, and to invite critical inquiry among military and civilian viewers alike about a society in which war has become the rule rather than the exception."

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Laura Roumanos

"Storytelling is incredibly important to me and is something that I have spent my entire life working to produce and promote... I believe that photography runs through every aspect of life and is integral to our understanding of the world, in the context of breaking news, editorial features, theatrical shows, music album covers, and so much more."

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Deborah Willis

"The photograph for me is an object of memory and explores the value of self in documenting everyday life. As a photographer, educator and curator, I have used photography to visualize stories about the everyday and, in the past, asked students and artists to use the photograph in a narrative form to explore personal memories."

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Elizabeth Avedon

"Having worked with many of photography’s past icons, I am now interested in the work of emerging photographers who will someday shape the future of photography. I continue to be drawn to the magic of photography, and I love the surprise of how each new generation of photographers bring their own uniqueness to elevate us to a new and unseen realm."

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Karin Rehn-Kaufmann

"My advice would be that the photographers should be thoughtful in their approach and first have an idea in mind of what they will shoot before they press the shutter. A series is only as strong as the poorest picture. Implement your soul into your work and let it become a leading voice in your work. Tell amazing stories through YOUR eyes, heart and soul!"

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Maggie Steber

"Be kind and generous.. What does this have to do with photography? Everything! And it’s up to you to figure that out. If you take enough photographs you are bound to get something good but I can tell you that the people who continue to work are the ones who retain their humility and remember we are nothing without the people in our photographs..  In my book, photography is NOT about us, it’s about them.."

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Lauren Koplowitz

"I have always attempted to capture a feeling. I want to capture what the heart feels, not what the eye sees.. I am hoping that with initiatives like this one, we can encourage people to step outside the “Gender Box” and see the world as people. Just people."

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