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Hiram Garcia

Hiram Garcia is the President of Production at Seven Bucks Productions and a film and television producer. Hiram currently serves as a producer on Seven Bucks Productions’ tent-pole movies, including 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle', 'Rampage' and 'Skyscraper.' Beyond his immersive work in production, Hiram also likes to get behind his own camera. He has always had a passion for photography and believes that within a creative space, everyone is an artist looking to tell a story. Because of his active schedule, Hiram finds joy in shooting the things that life presents before him – whether that be his actors on set, a scenic landscape, a black and white portrait or his dog. He enjoys being able to capture resonant moments in unique ways that hopefully deliver a similar feeling and more to the viewer. 

We had the chance to interview Hiram to discuss his take on photography and to discover what inspires him to shoot.

How would you describe your photography style?
I would categorize my photography style as candid and natural. I’m very fortunate to do what I do, but it does dominate my time in a major way so that often results in me only having the opportunity to shoot what naturally comes across my path as opposed to heading out to seek opportunities. I tend to strictly utilize whatever lighting is available and natural light. This is one of the many reasons I love using Leica glass – it is so exceptionally fast. It always gives me the opportunity to get the shot no matter where I am

How long have you been shooting photography?
I first attempted getting into photography around 2007. I got my first DSLR and began teaching myself how to shoot. When possible, I would take my equipment with me, but often the cameras were so large that I found it difficult to bring them around on my travels. This ultimately prevented me from shooting as much as I would have liked and the hobby went a bit dormant. It wasn’t until 2016 that I discovered camera technology had advanced to a point where the size was considerably smaller and the quality was exceptional. It was that year that I got serious about photography. My photos were warmly received, and I was fortunate to end up shooting the majority of our digital campaign for a movie I was producing at the time.

How did you become involved with photography?
At an early age, I found myself often moved by striking images. It was those responses to incredible photography that planted the seed in me of wanting to create images of my own. I’ve always been a creative person and the idea of being able to create a piece of art that can move and inspire a viewer has always been intriguing to me.

How did you become involved with film/tv production?
I went to school for music business and entertainment, but the industry just didn’t resonate with me the way I thought it would. I was lost in regard to a career but often helped DJ with dialogue for his WWF character The Rock. DJ was offered Scorpion King and asked me if wanted to come along and assist him. It was on that movie that my eyes lit up and I realized I wanted to be a producer. I had absolutely no knowledge about the film industry so after the film wrapped, I came home and enrolled in film and screen writing classes to learn as much as I could.  I worked on another movie after that and realized if I wanted to be a good producer I had to learn every aspect of the business from the bottom up. I then began working as a production assistant on commercials for a few years along with second assistant directing and first assistant directing. That experience was invaluable for me and helped give me a true appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes to work in the film industry. Years later and with much more experience I grouped up with DJ and my sister  Dany Garcia as we embarked on a journey that has brought me to where I am today. 

How has your career impacted your photography?
My career has had a huge impact on my photography. Thanks to what I do, I have access to locations, sets and people that I would otherwise never be able to photograph. Not only do I have the privilege of shooting those things, but it also allows me an opportunity to photograph a diverse array of subjects.

Which photographers/artists do you find inspiring?
Wow. The list of photographers that inspire me could be endless. There are so many unbelievably talented photographers out there – from the legends who are no longer with us to some of the brilliant photographers of today. To name a few, I’d say Henry Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Sebastiao Salgado, Alan Schaler and Lee Jeffries. In addition, there’s also those who not only are great photographers, but great people – Brian Bowen Smith, Frank Masi and Jaimie Trueblood, to name a few. These are pros that early on took the time to answer my crazy camera questions and give pointers that helped me grow as a photographer. I’m forever grateful.

What was your first Leica?
My first Leica glass was a 50mm Summilux that I used on a mirrorless body. That was my introduction to Leica. I was so enamored with the glass and how it rendered images that I remember thinking “if it looks this good paired with this body….imagine how great it must look on an actual Leica body.” That lead me to getting my first Leica Camera which was the M10. I was hooked from that moment on.

What Leica camera and lens do you currently shoot with?
I currently shoot with:

  • Leica M10-P
  • Leica M Monochrom
  • Leica Q
  • 75 Summilux
  • 50 Noctilux
  • 35 Summilux
  • 28 Summilux

Hiram's Leica Q2 photography will be displayed for a limited time at the Elga Wimmer Gallery on March 7th, 2019 from 12:30PM-6PM.