Their Leica Story

Fueled by passion and a love for fine craftsmanship, explore the synergy between HODINKEE and Leica through these visual stories, inspired by worldly adventures and human connections.

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Mo Ali
Director of Product & Strategy

"My life as a race car driver and my life as a photographer fit together perfectly. I first took up photography when I was working in the management consulting and start-up world, when the pace of my life was constantly accelerating.

Photography was a way for me to slow down and focus on a single thing. I would bring the camera up to my eye, tune everything else out, and click the shutter. Photography isn't just a hobby – it's a part of our daily lives."

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James Stacey
Senior Writer

"My camera has taken me to the most remote coral atoll in the world, the streets of Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the peak of Mt. Baker. Photography is the way that I frame the world around me and that world is a much more interesting place because I'm carrying a camera.

Because I'm always on the move, I need a camera set-up that's light, efficient, and is never going to miss a beat. The Leica Q2 is perfect for that."

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More stories coming soon featuring HODINKEE's
Managing Editor Stephen Pulvirent, and
images by Chief Creative Officer, Jay Gullion.