LFI Magazin No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2 LFI Magazine No. 2

The M Magazine No. 2

The M Magazine is exclusively dedicated to M photography, presenting great pictures taken by renowned photographers, all wrapped up in a completely new outfit with book-like quality. The M Magazine, concentrates on the essential and celebrates each picture – whether part of an extensive series or a single unforgettable image.

In the second issue of the M Magazine, you will find impressive series by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey and photography legend Stanley Greene, exciting reportages by Ayman Oghanna and Valerio Bispuri, and plenty of background humour in series by Bettina Flittner and Matt Stuart. In addition, Lightbox presents a ‘best-of’ unforgettable pictures taken by acclaimed Leica photographers. The full range of M photography, with one thing in common – the Leica M.

Issue No. 2 of the M Magazine is now available at the LFI Shop.

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Also available as a free App

In addition to the printed issue, the M Magazine App is available as a free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and also at Google Play for Android smart phones and tablets and the Amazon App store. The App and all of its contents are available free of charge.

Take a look at the interviews with Ayman Oghanna and Valerio Bispuri on the Leica Blog.