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Opening: "Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2015"

The exhibition „LEICA OSKAR BARNACK AWARD 2015  - JH Engström I Wiktoria Wojciechowska“ openend on September 10th, 2015, at the Leica Gallery Wetzlar. Guests were welcomed by Markus Limberger, COO at Leica Camera AG, before they attended a lecture by photographer Wiktoria Wojciechowska, who gave a deeper insight into the inspiration behind her body of work. In addition to discussing her series „Short Flashes“ for which she received this year's Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award, she also presented her new ongoing project „Sparks“,  a series about young people who fight as „military volunteers“ in the Ukraine conflict. When these volunteers come home on leave, one can see in their eyes that nothing is as it was before.

More information about the Leica Gallery Wetzlar program can you find here.