Leica auctions unique cameras for a good cause

On June 13th 2015 the auction house ‘Westlicht in Wien’ will auction two very unique Leica cameras. A Leica M and a Leica M-E, created by well-known Munich artist, Helmut Lotter.

Based on the creative ideas of children in Dortmund, Germany, the proceeds from the auction will go directly to Kinderlachen e.V. As part of a partnership between Leica and Kinderlachen e.V. children in Dortmund were given cardboard versions of Leica M cameras, and asked to paint and decorate as they wished. The result was 140 paper works of art. Out of these creations a jury selected the two cardboard cameras which became the basis for Munich pop artist, Helmut Lutter’s, unique designs for the Leica M and M-E.

Lotter’s designs include the beautifully bright colors of a rainbow on one camera, and on the other, a wonderful scene depicts a knight fighting with a dragon in flight.

 “We were enthusiastic and overcome by the creativity of the children” said Markus Limberger, Executive Board Leica Camera AG. “We are excited to see who gets one of the two very special Leica’s as a part of the auction. Both cameras are unique and fascinating and the proceeds will really help disadvantaged children.”

Read an interview with Alexander Bietz, from Leica, who was responsible for building the two cameras in Leica’s Head Quarters in Wetzlar, here.

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You can find more information about the auction here.