Leica and LFI at Gaisbergrennen

Leica and LFI are extending an invitation to the 13th Classic Cars Races from June 4 to 6, 2015, in Salzburg.

The Classic Cars Gaisbergrennen will be held in Salzburg for the 13th time. Over the three day event, more than 200 drivers from 14 nations will race exciting duels for the Grand Prix.

Originally, the Gaisbergrennen were mountain races for motorbikes and cars that took place between 1929 and 1969 at the Gaisberg (mountain) by the city of Salzburg. Over the years there were a number of fatal accidents, which was one of the reasons the high-speed races came to an end.

While in the past the races in Salzburg were all about speed, other qualities are expected of the car drivers today. Since 2003, the organizers have successfully establish uniformity races, though high demands are still made of the competitors.

Once again this year, Leica is represented at the event with many events and activities. Among other things, visitors and participants can look forward to a Classic Car Portrait Shooting at the Residenzplatz, a Leica Camera and Sport Optics product portfolio presentation at the castle Hellbrunn and during the Grand Prix at the Residenzplatz, and the LFI Classic Car photography competition at the LFI Gallery with a new, not published Leica product as a first prize.

The Gaisbergrennen in Salzburg – a feast for all photography and motor-sports fans. Please visit Leica in Salzburg and take part on LFI Classic Car photography competition.

Find the program of Gaisbergrennen here.

Read an interview with Lisa Kutzelnig and Richard Schabetsberger about this year's race here.