© David Butow

Using his decades of experience as a photojournalist David Butow will guide his students through a process of simplifying camera technique in order to be more present and intuitive when taking pictures.

Through group discussion, assignments, and editing, as well as individualized tutoring, we work on creating meaningful and lasting images.

Topics covered:

  • Simplifying the technical aspects of using your camera
  • How to explore different compositions with minimal equipment changes
  • Understanding the qualities and direction of light, and how it both models your subject and impacts the emotion of a scene
  • Finding form, whether in still life, landscape, or dynamic situations
  • Paying greater attention to light, form, and the dynamics of a scene
  • Using empathy and personal connection to improve your photographs of people, whether they’re friends, family or strangers on the street
  • Practical and creative strategies for building cohesive bodies of work
  • Finding ways to expand the reach of your photography through prints, self-published books, gallery shows and in the service of non-profits and other organizations


Zen Photography Workshop with David Butow

02/03/2021 - 02/24/2021