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Learning to articulate yourself as a photographer in written form is an often overlooked, but crucial step in your progression as a photographer. This workshop will help you discover how developing effective writing skills will not only help you become a better photographer but also help you convince others in the merit of your work.

Award-winning photographer and writer Yana Paskova will share why words have been just as important of instruments as pictures to her success. Using her own work from the Pulitzer Center, the International Women’s Media Foundation, and National Geographic as examples, Yana will teach you how to improve your own writing through helpful discussions, guided exercises, and individual and group feedback.


  • Creating words with both beauty and impact
  • Effective writing for grants and projects
  • Written exercises to refine your message
  • Crafting photo captions
  • The connection between writing and speaking about your work

The two-day workshop will combine a lecture presentation from Yana, Q&A from the audience, and an opportunity for open discussion and review of submitted text and images to make you a better writer, speaker, and observer.


Writing in Photography with Yana Paskova

04/20/2021 - 05/22/2021