This summer, the Leica Akademie USA presents the exclusive opportunity to work in close mentorship with NYC-based fine art photographer Mark de Paola to bring your completed fine art series to a final design file, ready to go to the presses to become a finished monograph from July 17 - August 27, 2021.

This online 7-week masterclass offers attendees the unique opportunity to go from idea to a ready-for-print monograph in an accelerated and exhilarating format working closely with Mark to explore every aspect of the bookmaking process. Each participant with go from an initial concept through the curation, sequencing, layout, and final design processes to create your own fine art book.

  • Why make a photography monograph
  • The creative and technical phases of the bookmaking process
  • Editing, sequencing, pairings
  • The relationship between text and images.
  • Printing materials and options from digital to offset
  • Understanding the roles involved in bookmaking and the advantage of working with a team.
  • The keys mistakes to avoid when making a book
  • Developing a project with a cohesive voice


The Monograph Masterclass with Mark de Paola

06/17/2021 - 07/17/2021