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Join photographer, Craig Semetko, for this online Masterclass to explore the role serendipity plays in your ability to find and capture true moments in your photography.

This online workshop experience provides the ideal opportunity to hear the stories behind Semetko’s images and learn first-hand his techniques. Over the course of four weeks, each student will develop their own project, exploring the idea of “Moments” in photography. Semetko will draw from his master’s degree thesis on serendipity in photography and lead discussions on the role it plays in his work.

Topics Covered

  • The “Photographer’s DIET”
  • Understanding what constitutes a moment
  • How to recognize the potential for moments
  • Methods for finding a well-composed frame
  • Editing & Sequencing of final projects


Finding Serendipity Workshop with Craig Semetko

05/16/2021 - 06/06/2021