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Re-calibrate your ability to find pictures, develop photographic projects, and find the extraordinary in everyday moments under the guide of Stella Johnson.

During group sessions, Stella will share how she has adapted her approach to making images over the last several months. Each session will combine a lecture and a critique of the student’s photographs. We will look at light, composition, filling the frame, watching our edges, and talk about moments, which could be a gesture, the way the light strikes, or the look of an eye. We will discuss making images with depth, both visually, via layering, and with content.

Topics covered:

  • Seeing and using light
  • Composition
  • Creating depth in the photograph
  • Learning to wait for moments
  • Seeing the ordinary in a different way
  • Adapting to our new circumstances

Stella will help you photograph the visual cacophony of daily life around you wherever you are, by making dynamic compositions that explode with light, shadow, and color. Our goal will be to increase your visual and narrative capacities as we investigate life in this time of social distancing and isolation.


Seeing the Everyday with Stella Johnson

02/07/2021 - 02/28/2021