Join documentary photographer Stella Johnson for this four-week “Learning to See” workshop and re-calibrate your ability to find pictures, develop photographic projects and find the extraordinary in everyday moments from April 4th-25th.

During group sessions, Stella will share how she has adapted her approach to making images over the last several months. Each session will combine a lecture and a critique of the student’s photographs. We will look at light, composition, filling the frame, watching our edges, and talk about moments, which could be a gesture, the way the light strikes, or the look of an eye. We will discuss making images with depth, both visually, via layering, and with content.


  • Seeing and using light
  • Composition
  • Creating depth in the photograph
  • Learning to wait for moments
  • Seeing the ordinary in a different way
  • Adapting to our new circumstances

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Seeing the Everyday Workshop

04/04/2021 - 04/25/2021