The art of editing and sequencing, especially of one’s own work, is never a simple task. Under the guidance of Michael Robinson Chávez and Hector Emanuel, you will learn the process they have perfected over the decades, to edit their own stories for publications like The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, nonprofit groups, long-term projects, and others.


  • Establishing a workflow that works
  • Explore how the editing process can tell you if your project complete?
  • Long-term project strategies and goals
  • Approaches to sequencing of photographs. Mixing mediums, format, color, and black and white.
  • How not to get bogged down with too many options
  • Finding funding
  • Next steps to get your work seen
  • The importance of proper archiving


Editing with Purpose with Michael Robinson Chávez & Hector Emanuel

01/29/2021 - 01/31/2021