© Philip Blair

Join Northwest landscape photographer, Philip Blair, for our first virtual Landscape workshop. With a focus on the classic genre of black & white landscape photography, this workshop aims to explore the winter landscape as a point of inspiration in the creation of images that look and feel personal, exploratory, and even peaceful.

Over the course of nine days, this online program will combine live lectures, group discussions, critique of assignments, individual coaching and technical guidance. Seasons are temporary, but the photographic insights in this intensive course will likely influence how you see spring, summer and fall as well.”


  • The essentials of winter landscape photography & introduction to personal expression in outdoor photography
  • Finding your frame. Composition in the outdoors.
  • Metering for black and white photography
  • Black & white methodology, conventional and unconventional contrast schemes
  • Leveraging your specific camera’s strengths
  • Choices and style in the editing of images
  • Management of highlights and shadows
  • Accessing the hidden power of RAW files & preparing your image for print


The Winter Landscape with Philip Blair

02/19/2021 - 02/27/2021