© Stella Johnson

Join documentary photographer Stella Johnson for this four-week “Learning to See” workshop and re-calibrate your ability to find pictures, develop photographic projects and find the extraordinary in everyday moments.

These are unprecedented times. Some of us are confined to our homes, while others can go outside and socially distant. For many, what we photograph will be different from how we were photographing in the past. It has been for Stella; “I am seeing the world in a new way, photographing the light in my home and following the light. I am seeing inward, looking at my every day, in new ways.”


  • Seeing and using light
  • Composition
  • Creating depth in the photograph
  • Learning to wait for moments
  • Seeing the ordinary in a different way
  • Adapting to our new circumstances


Seeing the Everyday Workshop with Stella Johnson

06/11/2021 - 07/11/2021