Join the Leica Akademie USA for an intensive week of Street Photography in Venice Beach, CA with Dotan Saguy from March, 17-21, 2021.

Explore Venice Beach and improve your photography over five days with author of the acclaimed photo book, “Venice Beach, The Last Days of a Bohemian Paradise”.

Dotan will share his approach to shooting street in Venice and uncover his favorite spots. He will also share tips about getting past single street photography clichés and use the camera as a storytelling tool to create a comprehensive body of work.


  • Approaching strangers
  • The formula for a successful street image
  • Achieving complex layered compositions
  • How to remedy “photographer’s block”
  • What the Masters teach us about shooting in Venice Beach
  • Optimal gear and settings for street photography
  • Using street photography as a pathway to documentary
  • The art of storytelling: How to build a photo essay
  • Finding your own personal project


Street Photography In-Depth: Dotan Saguy

03/17/2021 - 03/21/2021
Los Angeles