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Women of the White Buffalo
by Deborah Anderson

"I recently traveled to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the home to the Oglala Lakota Nation. I was told it is one of the poorest of all the reservations and as I observed the broken pieces of a history that has tried to erase these people, I met with the women that are the backbone of the community and keepers of their ancient wisdom." - Deborah Anderson

"Recognizing that their voices are that of their ancestors, the oral traditions have survived centuries of abuse, genocide and misrepresentation by the non indigenous people, my story had just begun as I was shown a side of this powerful Nation that so few outsiders get to witness. 

These photos presented are stills from my upcoming feature documentary film about the Native Women that live on the Indian reservations in America. Their stories of loss, suicide, murder and epidemic meth addiction amongst their community are mirrored by their deep ancestral roots, traditional ceremony, prayer and hope.

The story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman holds a deep importance within the Lakota tribe and many other Native tribes across the continent. The understanding is that of manifestation, rebirth, abundance and world harmony."

“It was told that next time there is
chaos and disparity, 
she would return again.

She said she would return as 
a White Buffalo Calf.
Some believe she already has.”

Words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 
19th Generation Keeper of the 
Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe 
of the Lakota Nation

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Women of the White Buffalo by Deborah Anderson

07/30/2020 - 01/31/2021
Leica Gallery Los Angeles