While we are currently practicing social distancing, we are connected over our common love of photography. The creative pursuit of photography is a daily exercise, and to ensure you're equipped with the tools you need during this challenging time, we're pleased to announce the #StayHomeWithLeica program.

Join us for a series of complimentary online programs produced by the Leica Akademie, Instagram Live interviews with renowned photographers, virtual meet-ups hosted by our Leica stores, and weekly Instagram photo challenges designed to nurture your passion for photography.

Program Schedule

Seeing the Moment:
A Talk with Craig Semetko

June 18, 2020 | 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

Famous for his documentation of un-posed moments on streets throughout the world, Craig Semetko joins us for a conversation about his approach to photography and what he has learned during his time on lock-down.


Beyond the Single Frame:
A Talk with Michael Robinson Chávez and Hector Emanuel

June 28, 2020 | 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

Join us for a conversation with photojournalist, Michael Robinson Chávez and documentary photographer, Hector Emanuel as these two colleagues and friends share their decades of expertise as award winning photographers with the audience.


Leica Akademie Online Class

Leica Bespoke: Mark de Paola

May 27 or May 29, 2020 | $499.99

Create your personalized bespoke with Mark Mann for 2 hours or two separate 1 hour sessions based on your individual curriculum, goals, and topics of interest.


Instructor: Quinton Gordon

May 31 – June 28, 2020 | $795.99

Embark on a creative discovery by defining the purpose in your image-making. This 5-week course challenges you to go beyond the obvious and deepen your understanding of where you live and how you see the world.


Photography Fundamentals Workshop

May 30, 2020 | $199.99

A virtual workshop for novice & beginner students venturing into the world of photography. Students will be introduced to the basic technical elements of photography to get the most out of their camera.


Leica M10 Owners Workshop

June 27, 2020 | $199.99

This virtual workshop is designed for current owners of the Leica M10 who are interested in enhancing their experience with the camera with the help of two Leica Akademie Instructors.


Leica Bespoke: Phil Penman

Multiple June Dates | $499.99

Create your personalized bespoke with Phil Penman for 2 hours based on your individual needs and curriculum. Topics may include working with various lenses to add more depth to you work, portfolio reviews, photo editting, and more.


Leica Q Owners Online Workshop

Multiple June Dates | $199.99

This virtual workshop is designed for current owners of the Leica Q and Leica Q2 that are interested in learning practical skills to enhance their experience with the camera with the help of two professional Leica Akademie Instructors.


The Interpretive Landscape: Quinton Gordon

August 2-30, 2020 | $795.99

Wherever you live, urban or rural, there is a visual story to be told. This new five-week course challenges you to go beyond the obvious and deepen your understanding and appreciation of both where you live and how you see the world. 


Online Bespoke Class

$149.99 | 1-hour

Bespoke classes are now available online where topics are curated per your requirements. Topics may include getting to know your Leica better, understanding exposure, learning how to edit and process your images, or exploring a particular style of photography. 

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Go Live with Leica

Tune in every Saturday for inspirational interviews featuring celebrated photographers hosted on our Leica Stores' and Galleries' Instagram accounts. Learn new photo tips and techniques on how to express your visual creativity, and connect with our featured photographers during the Q&A session.

Interview Schedules

East Coast Leica Stores


West Coast Leica Stores


Leica Galleries

Leica Store Boston
Host: Alan Evans
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT


Leica Store Bellevue
Host: Nathan Kellum
4:00 PM EDT / 1:00 PM PDT


Leica Gallery Boston
Host: Anabel Rodríguez
2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT

Leica Store Washington D.C.
Host: Louis Cabana
1:30 PM EDT / 10:30 AM PDT


Leica Store Las Vegas
Host: Stephen Parsons
4:30 PM EDT / 1:30 PM PDT


Leica Gallery Los Angeles
Host: Paris Chong
5:30 PM EDT /  2:30 PM PDT


Leica Store Los Angeles
Host: Ash Alexander
5:00 PM EDT / 2:00 PM PDT


View Our Playlist

Creativity and Imagination to Occupy the Future:
A Conversation with Sheila Pree Bright

Discover how acclaimed photographic artist Sheila Pree Bright integrates her creativity and imagination to analyze complex social issues through visual narratives that are shaping our world.

Watch the Video

Zen and the Art of Photojournalism:
A Conversation with David Butow

Learn how to simplify the technicalities of photography to build and develop a connection with your subject.

Video Coming Soon

Beyond & Back:
A Conversation with Jeff Johnson

From the mountains to the oceans, journey with Jeff Johnson as he shares the stories from his adventures from beyond and back.

Video Coming Soon

Reclaiming & Documenting a Culture of Elderwomen:
A Conversation with Anne Marie Vivienne

Demystify the aging feminine perspective of elderhood as you re-connect with the human experience in a talk with Wisdom Anthologies’ own Anne Marie Vivienne.        

Watch the Video

Life as a Canvas

Sit down with David Alan Harvey as he shares him journey through the world of photography, bearing witness to the scenes that played before his life while also immersing himself in various cultures to build human connections.

Watch the Video

Show Me the Picture
A Jim Marshall Story by Amelia Davis

Sit down with owner of the Jim Marshall Estate, Amelia Davis, as she shares the stories behind Marshall's images, their friendship and managing his legacy.

Watch the Video

Chasing the Speed of Light:
A Conversation with Brandin Cooks

How do you slow down one of the fastest athletes in the NFL? With a Leica and the grit to achieve artistic excellence. Join us for a talk with NFL Wide-Receiver Brandin Cooks as he gives us a personal look at his photography.

Watch the Video

Behind the Seen:
A Conversation with Hiram Garcia

Join Hiram Garcia, film and television producer, photographer and President of Production of Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions, on an adventure through a diverse collection of images that showcase a slice of his production life. Hiram will share the beauty and intrigue he sees within the industry he works in.

Video Link Coming Soon

Cause and Special Effect:
From Hollywood to the Deep Sea with Michael Muller

Explore the fearless adventures of renowned photographer Michael Muller as he shares the stories behind his Hollywood portraits, his encounters with great white sharks and his commitment to the preserving their natural habitat.

Watch the Video

The Signature Portrait:
A Talk with Mark Mann

Discover the stories behind famed portrait photographer, Mark Mann’s images, in this insightful discussion guaranteed to inspire your perspective on the making of portrait.

Watch the Video

New York Lock-Down:
A Visual Diary with Peter Turnley

For over thirty years, Peter Turnley has recorded the realities of the Human Condition around the world. For the past month, the story has been the Coronavirus. Peter will share a selection of images from his visual diary chronicling the people he encounters on the streets of New York.

Watch the Video

To the End of the Earth:
A Talk with Om Malik and Chris Michel

Om Malik and Chris Michel sit down for a discussion on travel, taking risks and finding a visual voice in photography.

Watch the Video

One Camera, One Lens:
A Conversation with Alan Schaller

A Leica rangefinder, 24mm lens and a determination to make images with impact. Alan Schaller shows us what is possible.

Watch the Video

Focus on the Essentials:
A Talk with Romeo Okwara & Young Guru

Defensive end for the NFL's Detroit Lions, Romeo Okwara and renowned sound engineer, Young Guru, explore their origin stories and shared commitment to visual storytelling, focusing on the impact of the essentials of photography on their own unique approach.

Watch the Video

Dancing with Your Angel:
An Origin Story with Brian Bowen Smith

Sit down with Entertainment and Fine Art photographer Brian Bowen Smith as he shares how to maximize fate and opportunity with grit and integrity to identify your own definition of creative success. Drawing from his experiences, Brian will share his journey from struggle to struggle and his advice to see them through.

Watch the Video

Wide Open:
A Conversation with Danny Clinch

Photographer and Director Danny Clinch loves music and his Leica. He has documented the music scene for decades and is the go to photographer for many of the acts that have come to define modern music. Join us for a rare "backstage pass" into his approach and process.

Watch the Video

Big Bowl of Wonderful:
A Conversation with Jeff Garlin

Join us for a conversation with actor, comedian, director and photographer Jeff Garlin. Questions will be asked; stories will be told, and laughs are guaranteed.

Watch the Video

Dancing in the Streets:
Josh Rose & Omar Robles

Tune in for a visual frequency into the world of modern dance with Josh & Omar. Speaking will be Josh Rose, L.A.-based and Artist-in-Residence with the Los Angeles Dance Project & renowned NYC-based dance photographer, Omar Robles.

Watch the Video

Unboxing Creativity:
A Conversation with Stephen Vanasco

Check in with L.A. based photographer, Stephen Vanasco, in his studio for a discussion about his creative process and his printing-focused digital workflow.

Watch the Video

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