While we are currently practicing social distancing, we are connected over our common love of photography. The creative pursuit of photography is a daily exercise, and to ensure you're equipped with the tools you need during this challenging time, we're pleased to announce the #StayHomeWithLeica program.

The program will feature online series of complimentary Leica Akademie talks with opportunities to connect through social media, virtual meet-ups at our Leica stores, and weekly Instagram photo challenges designed to nurture your passion for photography and foster our connection as a community while sheltering in place.

Bring Home the Leica Akademie

The Art of Adaptation:
A Conversation with Ruddy Roye

April 7, 2020 | | 4PM EDT / 1PM PDT

"Every day is a fight in my mind. Adapting to the cadence of the streets has been my only way of reconciling what we all have been going through. Each day there is something new." - Ruddy Roye

Learn how to adapt to an ever-changing social climate while still maintaining your creative integrity.


Inspiration Found:
A Conversation With Doug Menuez

April 9, 2020 | 4 PM EDT / 1 PM PDT

Award-winning documentary photographer Doug Menuez will share how he’s using this current extended period at home to document his family and how he has done this through his career as a way to recharge creatively and reconnect after long assignments away from home.


Leica Bespoke Online
Personalize Your Online Akademie Session

$149.99 | 1-hour

Bespoke classes are now available online and are tailored to meet your needs. Topics are curated per your requirements and may include getting to know your Leica better, understanding exposure, learning how to edit and process your images, or exploring a particular style of photography. The booking process will include a discussion about your individual requirements and objectives.

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Photo Book Inspiration
with the Leica Akademie Instructors

Indulge in a talk about passion and inspiration about photography through books to fuel your own visual creativity with Leica Akademie Instructors. Discover what they have in their home collections as well as the books they turn to for inspiration. It will be a mix of #photojousting and education all in one.

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Photography Wide Open
with Mark de Paola: A Noctilux Discussion

Renown, fashion and fine art photographer Mark de Paola discusses his experience with one of Leica Camera's most celebrated and signature lenses, the 50mm Noctilux, covering its unique rendering and how he uses it for both still and motion photography.

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Stories Behind the Pictures
with Dennys Ilic:
From Sci-Fi to the Old West & Beyond

Learn from internationally renowned editorial and portrait photographer, Dennys llic, as he share his approach to photography and a few of the stories behind the images he creates on some of the most high-profile sets in Hollywood.

Video Coming Soon

Family as Subject:
Conversation with Ashly Stohl
& Gus Powell

April 5, 2020 | 4PM EDT / 1PM PDT

Explore the topic of family as a subject in photography with fine art photographers Ashly Stohl & Gus Powell where you'll gain insight to their creative practice to refresh how you see the people closest to you.

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Go Live with Leica

Tune in every Saturday for inspirational interviews featuring celebrated photographers hosted on our Leica Stores' and Galleries' Instagram accounts. Learn new photo tips and techniques on how to express your visual creativity, and connect with our featured photographers during the Q&A session.

Interview Schedules

East Coast Leica Stores


West Coast Leica Stores


Leica Galleries

Leica Store Boston
Host: Alan Evans
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT


Leica Store Bellevue
Host: Nathan Kellum
4:00 PM EDT / 1:00 PM PDT


Leica Gallery Boston
Host: Anabel Rodríguez
2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT

Leica Store Washington D.C.
Host: Louis Cabana
1:30 PM EDT / 10:30 AM PDT


Leica Store Las Vegas
Host: Stephen Parsons
4:30 PM EDT / 1:30 PM PDT


Leica Gallery Los Angeles
Host: Paris Chong
5:30 PM EDT /  2:30 PM PDT


Leica Store Los Angeles
Host: Ash Alexander
5:00 PM EDT / 2:00 PM PDT


Photo Challenge

Enter for a chance to win a Leica Akademie online bespoke class (value $150) and a feature on Leica Camera USA's social media accounts.

#StayHomeWithLeica Photo Challenge Rules
1. Follow us on Instagram
2. Post an image that shows a daily ritual performed or a moment with your family
3. Tag #StayHomeWithLeica & @LeicaCameraUSA in the caption
One winner is announced on April 11th. A new photo challenged is introduced every Monday.