#LeicaConversations Online Programs

We emerge from sheltering-in-place and #StayHomeWithLeica programs with a newfound focus on what is essential, getting closer to the moments that matter.

In a time of reflection and awakening, we are pleased to present a series of online programs designed to spark conversations that inspire your visual storytelling while connecting with our Leica community.

Join us for a series of complimentary online programs , Instagram Live interviews with renowned photographers and virtual meet-ups hosted by our Leica stores, crafted to nurture your passion for photography.

Program Schedule

Introduction to Lightroom for Leica Photographers

October 22 | 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET

Whether you just picked up your first Leica or have owned for years, this program will introduce you to Adobe Lightroom for cataloging, organizing, managing, and editing all your photos. Brad Husick of LHSA, The International Leica Society, will help introduce and familiarize you with the how, what, and why of managing your Lightroom catalog and post-processing. 


Photographing Festivals: Dia de Muertos
A Conversation with Francisco Marin

October 29 | 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET

Join us for a conversation with Francisco Marin as we honor of the way different societies celebrate, commemorate and honor ancestors in different ways around the world. Francisco will show us three different towns and cities across the country, documenting the vibrant moments and celebration of the Dia de Muertos festivals.



Leica Playlist

Explore our online series of Leica conversations featuring celebrated artists from myriad genres of photography. Discover their greatest visual feats and indulge in tips and techniques to inspire your own creative journey.

Reflecting on Culture & Identity:
A Photography Talk with Deborah Anderson

Join Deborah as she brings to light the history and culture of the Lakota tribe with her latest body of work, “Women Of The White Buffalo”. Their stories of loss, suicide, murder and epidemic meth addiction among their community are mirrored by their deep ancestral roots, traditional ceremony, prayer and hope. Hosted by Leica Gallery Los Angeles Manager & Curator, Paris Chong.

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#LeicaConversations Program

You Never Know Where the Music
Will Take You:
A Conversation with Amelia Davis,
Owner of the Jim Marshall Estate

Re-visit the historic moments that transcended history, and learn of the stories behind Jim Marshall's iconic images in a very special #LeicaConversations with Amelia Davis, the sole owner of Jim Marshall Photography LLC on October 14th at 4 PM ET. Hosted by SmugMug+Flickr's, Alastair Jolly.

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More Details

The Leica Conversation is dedicated to the 5 prints available for sale. This conversation takes you behind the music, behind the image, for the stories previously untold. These five featured images in the conversation will be the 5 images in this flash print sale. Own a piece of history, a snapshot of history told by legendary photographer Jim Marshall. The prints will be available for sale for one week only, never to be offered for sale again. All proceeds benefit the furthering of photojournalism education through the Jim Marshall Foundation.

On Creating a Visual Diary:
A Conversation with Jennifer McClure

Learn about Jennifer's personal work and how she used photography as an emotional lifeline during this pandemic. She has been documenting her family and herself since the beginning of the quarantine and will discuss both the emotional and technical components of creating a visual diary like this during uncertain times.

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How to Visually Define Historic Moments:
A Talk with Brian Bowen Smith

Explore the journey that implements the new-normal of social distancing while documenting the soul of American culture during the Covid-19 World Pandemic with Brian. At a time when a mandated quarantine plagues our beautiful country, this project encompasses the raw essence of the human condition, our sentimental traditions, and, at its core, the heart of our people - from sea to shining sea.

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The ReAmericans:
A Conversation with Brandon Ralph with Mathieu Bitton

Join us for a conversation with Brandon Ralph about his body of work "ReAmericans." During a time in our culture when the idea of what makes one an American is a topic of heated debate ReAmericans presents a vast and varied look at the country and offers an opportunity for the viewer to reexamine the myriad incarnations of patriotism as well as day to day life in this country. Hosted by Mathieu Bitton.

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Necessary Fictions:
A Conversation with Debi Cornwall & Elizabeth Avedon

2x juror for the Leica Women Foto Project, photo book and exhibition designer, Elizabeth Avedon, joins Leica Women Foto Project Awardee, conceptual documentary artist and filmmaker, Debi Cornwall, for a conversation focused on the importance book-making has had in her career and could have in yours.

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Learning to See:
A Conversation with Stella Johnson

Learn about Stella's creative process, how she developed lifelong relationships with the people she photographs, and what that means to the photographic narrative. Learning to see requires perseverance, patience, preparation, and knowing what to look for when you encounter those unexpected moments.

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Photographic Evolution:
A Conversation with Phil Penman

Learn how to make your work stand out with Phil as he shares his creative process and refined vision behind his black and white photography. Phil will also discuss how he effectively markets his personal brand and visual voice on social media.

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Moments of Humanity Through a Leica M10-R:
Ruddy Roye & Stephen Vanasco

Explore moments that matter and the spaces in between through two very unique perspectives, threaded together by a single camera. Ruddy and Stephen will share their experiences documenting today's important conversations through the lens of a Leica M10-R.

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The Impact of an Origin Story with Joel Meyerowitz
Hosted by Hugh Brownstone

Join Joel as he sits down with host Hugh Brownstone to share how he thinks about a photographer’s oeuvre – and in the process learn more about Joel’s own life’s journey. From his origin story growing up in the Bronx to a life-changing encounter with Robert Frank and more, we will explore the impact of our visual language on cultural programs that support the world of photography.

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A Conversation with "Mr. M" Stefan Daniel

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Leica’s Global Director of Product Division, Stefan Daniel, respectfully known as "Mr. M", to discover the inspiration behind the Leica M-System. This is a unique opportunity to ask "Mr. M" your questions on the past, present and future of the legendary Leica M-System.

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The Visual Voice:
A Conversation with Randy Blythe

From photographing protests to documenting his own personal experiences, Randy captures the raw emotion of moments that matter. Discover how he uses photography as a means of expression to spark conversations that incite change.

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Field of Dreams:
A Conversation with Howard Kendrick

From capturing moments on the field to the intimate encounters in between, discover the role photography plays in documenting the experience of MLB's Howard Kendrick.

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Show Me the Picture
A Jim Marshall Story by Amelia Davis

Sit down with owner of the Jim Marshall Estate, Amelia Davis, as she shares the stories behind Marshall's images, their friendship and managing his legacy.

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One Camera, One Lens:
A Conversation with Alan Schaller

A Leica rangefinder, 24mm lens and a determination to make images with impact. Alan Schaller shows us what is possible.

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Still Life in the Secret Garden:
A Conversation with Maggie Steber

Discover some of the stories behind renowned photographer Maggie Steber’s provocative, Guggenheim-winning project, "The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma", as she reveals her process for creating still life images.

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