#LeicaConversations Online Programs

We emerge from sheltering-in-place and #StayHomeWithLeica programs with a newfound focus on what is essential, getting closer to the moments that matter.

In a time of reflection and awakening, we are pleased to present a series of online programs designed to spark conversations that inspire your visual storytelling while connecting with our Leica community.

Join us for a series of complimentary online programs , Instagram Live interviews with renowned photographers and virtual meet-ups hosted by our Leica stores, crafted to nurture your passion for photography.

Program Schedule

A Conversation with "Mr. M" Stefan Daniel

July 24 | 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Leica’s Global Director of Product Division, Stefan Daniel, respectfully known as "Mr. M", to discover the inspiration behind the Leica M-System. This is a unique opportunity to ask "Mr. M" your questions on the past, present and future of the legendary Leica M-System.


A Conversation with Joel Meyerowitz

July 30 | 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET

Join Joel as he sits down with host Hugh Brownstone to share how he thinks about a photographer’s oeuvre – and in the process learn more about Joel’s own life’s journey.

From his origin story growing up in the Bronx to a life-changing encounter with Robert Frank and more, we will explore the impact of our visual language on cultural programs that support the world of photography.

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Leica Playlist

Explore our online series of Leica conversations featuring celebrated artists from myriad genres of photography. Discover their greatest visual feats and indulge in tips and techniques to inspire your own creative journey.

The Visual Voice:
A Conversation with Randy Blythe

From photographing protests to documenting his own personal experiences, Randy captures the raw emotion of moments that matter. Discover how he uses photography as a means of expression to spark conversations that incite change.

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Field of Dreams:
A Conversation with Howard Kendrick

From capturing moments on the field to the intimate encounters in between, discover the role photography plays in documenting the experience of MLB's Howard Kendrick.

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New York Lock-Down:
A Visual Diary with Peter Turnley

For over thirty years, Peter Turnley has recorded the realities of the Human Condition around the world. For the past month, the story has been the Coronavirus. Peter will share a selection of images from his visual diary chronicling the people he encounters on the streets of New York.

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Show Me the Picture
A Jim Marshall Story by Amelia Davis

Sit down with owner of the Jim Marshall Estate, Amelia Davis, as she shares the stories behind Marshall's images, their friendship and managing his legacy.

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One Camera, One Lens:
A Conversation with Alan Schaller

A Leica rangefinder, 24mm lens and a determination to make images with impact. Alan Schaller shows us what is possible.

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Dancing with Your Angel:
An Origin Story with Brian Bowen Smith

Sit down with Entertainment and Fine Art photographer Brian Bowen Smith as he shares how to maximize fate and opportunity with grit and integrity to identify your own definition of creative success. Drawing from his experiences, Brian will share his journey from struggle to struggle and his advice to see them through.

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Wide Open:
A Conversation with Danny Clinch

Photographer and Director Danny Clinch loves music and his Leica. He has documented the music scene for decades and is the go to photographer for many of the acts that have come to define modern music. Join us for a rare "backstage pass" into his approach and process.

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Still Life in the Secret Garden:
A Conversation with Maggie Steber

Discover some of the stories behind renowned photographer Maggie Steber’s provocative, Guggenheim-winning project, "The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma", as she reveals her process for creating still life images.

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The Art of Adaptation:
A Conversation with Ruddy Roye

"Every day is a fight in my mind. Adapting to the cadence of the streets has been my only way of reconciling what we all have been going through. Each day there is something new." - Ruddy Roye

Learn how to adapt to an ever-changing social climate while still maintaining your creative integrity.

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Photo Book Inspiration
with the Leica Akademie Instructors

Indulge in a talk about passion and inspiration about photography through books to fuel your own visual creativity with Leica Akademie Instructors. Discover what they have in their home collections as well as the books they turn to for inspiration. It will be a mix of #photojousting and education all in one.

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