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After Hours
By Jesse Diamond


''It is a true privilege to have someone reveal themselves to me, a complete stranger with a camera in his hands. That level of connection in photography creates the drive to look far beyond myself. However, knowing something of where you're coming from has to come first. In making a photograph, I value my initial response above everything else. How and to what we respond is what really defines us as individuals." - Jesse Diamond
There are those rare occasions when viewing an image that I can see beyond the subject matter to an open door in my subconscious. How far inside I choose to look is a choice based on how much truth, be it good or bad, I'm willing to handle. The selections of photographs in 'After Hours' are a document of a time period when I chose to walk in and close the door behind me.''

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jesse Diamond's impressively diverse career ranges from solo exhibitions such as the Drive series to the graphic Drum Circle project, of which was published by Nazraeli Press. His assignments have included documentary work, with images featured on NBC's Dateline, and shooting studios and locations for Sony Records. In 2004, Diamond was chosen as the Fine Art Photographer of the Year by the International Photography Awards. After Hours showcases a series of photographs taken by Diamond after night fall, where he was able to open a door to his subconscious and view an image beyond its subject matter. 

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After Hours by Jesse Diamond

07/31/2020 - 01/10/2021
Leica Gallery Los Angeles