Leica Gallery Los Angeles

Leica Gallery Presents: 6x6
Featuring: Jesse Diamond, Jeff Garlin, Neal Preston, Maggie Steber, Deborah Anderson, and Alan Schaller

This special exhibition features six renowned photographers, each with their own unique visual language, woven together through the lens of their Leica camera.

We invite you to explore the works of these six artists over the course of the next six months and immerse yourself in the timeless works of Jesse Diamond, Jeff Garlin, Neal Preston, Maggie Steber, Deborah Anderson, and Alan Schaller. On view until January 10, 2021.

Prints by the exhibiting photographers are available for sale at Leica Gallery Los Angeles. 


Jeff Garlin

Big Bowl of Wonderful

"As an actor, filmmaker and comedian, I often find myself interacting with people in truly unique ways. The very nature of my job means I am able to see people how how no one else sees them whether it be my co-stars or down time on set, show hosts while I sit in their interview chairs and who I gig with. At some point, I started trying to capture this unique perspective with my camera. Now, the only thing that I do seriously besides comedy is take pictures." - Jeff Garlin

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Jesse Diamond

After Hours

"It is a true privilege to have someone reveal themselves to me, a complete stranger with a camera in his hands.. In making a photograph, I value my initial response above everything else. There are those rare occasions when viewing an image that I can see beyond the subject matter to an open door in my subconscious.. The photographs in 'After Hours' are a document of a time period when I chose to walk in and close the door behind me." - Jesse Diamond

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Alan Schaller


“It is a subject that impacts a vast majority of the world. People are substituting real relationships for digital ones. We are inherently social creatures after all, and the way we are getting lost in the online world and the big city life is hard to miss. These photographs are my interpretation of this disconnection.” - Alan Schaller

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Neal Preston

Big Rock

"I decided to do something different- to dig deep into my archives and find a handful of images that have rarely, if ever, been seen and have never been made available to any gallery before. Most are offered in extremely small editions of 3.  A few are offered in editions of only one, never to be printed again or shown in any gallery. And they are printed big, because Rock is Big. Enjoy Big Rock!" - Neal Preston

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Maggie Steber

The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma

"Without meaning to make them so, these photographs reveal my fears and most private memories... In the Secret Garden there is danger but also beauty in a wild jungle that has been growing unfettered. The photographs address every experience I have had in an exterior world but are now being re-interpreted in my interior landscape. I credit Lily, my alter ego, with taking the pictures." - Maggie Steber

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Deborah Anderson

Women of the White Buffalo

"Recognizing that their voices are that of their ancestors, the oral traditions have survived centuries of abuse, genocide and misrepresentation by the non indigenous people, my story had just begun as I was shown a side of this powerful Nation that so few outsiders get to witness." – Deborah Anderson
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