Leica SL2 Events

You're Invited:
Experience the Leica SL2

You're invited to the official Leica SL2 launch events hosted by our Leica Stores. Get hands-on with the new camera through photowalks and studio demonstrations, and enjoy inspiring artist talks and conversations with the Leica community. These events are designed to give you the full Leica SL2 experience. All events are complimentary and open to all ages to attend. Registration is required.

Launch Events



Nov. 21

Leica Store Bellevue | Learn More

Nov. 24

Leica Store Los Angeles | Learn More

Nov. 26

Leica Store Las Vegas | Learn More

Dec. 2

Leica Store San Francisco | Learn More

Dec. 7

Leica Store Boston | Learn More

Dec. 12

Leica Store Washington D.C. | Learn More

Dec. 17

Leica Store Miami | Learn More

Dec. 19

Leica Store New York SoHo | Learn More

Paper courtesy of Hahnemühle.


Shaping Light
Pop-Up Exhibition

Explore the works of acclaimed photojournalist, Christopher Michel, in his single-day pop up exhibition titled "Shape of Light". Scheduled to coincide with each Leica Store's launch event, Chris's visual narrative highlights his global experiences and human connections, as seen through the lens of a Leica SL2.


Artist Talks

Designed to inspire your photographic journey, our Artist Talks feature renowned photographers who will share their adventures in visual storytelling, as told through the lens of the new Leica SL2.

Photography Full Throttle: Explorers, Emperors, and the Edges of the Earth | Artist Talk with Chris Michel

  • November 21 | Leica Store Bellevue
  • November 24 | Leica Store Los Angeles (A Conversation with Dennys Ilic)
  • November 26 | Leica Store Las Vegas
  • December 02 | Leica Store San Francisco
  • December 12 | Leica Store Washington D.C.
  • December 17 | Leica Store Miami
  • December 19 | Leica Store New York SoHo

The Portrait of a Soul: Building Human Connections in Artificial Environments  | Artist Talk with Mark Mann

  • December 7 | Leica Store Boston

Hyper-Realism: Exploring Human Moments Across Fiction and Reality | A Conversation with Dennys Ilic & Chris Michel
A Conversation with Christopher Michel

  • November 24 | Leica Store Los Angeles


Discover the imaging capabilities of the Leica SL2 with acclaimed photojournalist, Christopher Michel, at:

  • Leica Store Bellevue
  • Leica Store Las Vegas
  • Leica Store Los Angeles
  • Leica Store Miami
  • Leica Store New York SoHo
  • Leica Store San Francisco
  • Leica Store Washington D.C.


Learn from renowned celebrity portrait photographer, Mark Mann, and put your skills to the test in a studio shoot with the Leica SL2 at:

  • Leica Store Boston
  • Leica Store Miami
  • Leica Store New York SoHo
  • Leica Store Washington D.C.


Through the freezing depths of Western Newfoundland to the  bustling scene of Los Angeles, find inspiration through visual stories told by the prolific cinematographer and photographer, Dennys Ilic at:

  • Leica Store Los Angeles