Leica Sport Optics Returns to Birdfair as a headline sponsor to highlight the plight of
endangered wildlife

British Birdfair, located atRutland-on-Water from the 16th to 18th August and often referred to
as the Glastonbury for Birders, will become a little more colourful this year. Leica Sport Optics
joins forces with street artist, ATM and well-known ambassadors including Iolo Williams and
the Urban Birder to highlight the plight of endangered wildlife. Visitors to the fair will be able
to enjoy live art and receive tips and advice from Leica Sport Optics Ambassadors on how
individuals can play their part in conserving wildlife.
London based street artist, ATM has a lifelong love for nature and specialises in painting wildlife
threatened with extinction. 1439 bird species are now in serious decline across the world,
including 67 species in Britain. He uses his skills as an artist to celebrate the beauty of birds
and to communicate the extinction crisis to inspire people to take part in local regeneration
efforts. ATM believes that small changes repeated on a large scale can have dramatic effects.
Over the Friday, 16th and Saturday, 17th of Birdfair, ATM will be painting a spoon-billed
sandpiper, which is perilously close to extinction. Leica Sport Optics supports the Wildfowl &
Wetlands Trust’s (WWT) conservation work to save the nearly extinct spoon-billed sandpiper
whose numbers have recently plummeted to fewer than 200 pairs worldwide. This iconic bird
exemplifies the troubles of so many migratory species; they need healthy and productive
habitats where they nest and raise their chicks and safe refuelling stopping-off points along
the routes of their long migration journeys. Leica Sport Optics provides sponsorship and
equipment to conservationists working to monitor and survey the birds in China, part of their
incredible migration route.
Additionally, Leica Sport Optics ambassadors including TV presenter Iolo Williams, David Lindo
‘The Urban Birder’, Alan and Ruth, record holders of The Biggest Twitch and award-winning
photographer and cameraman, Luke Massey have all contributed to a conservation flyer.
Helpful advice includes:
• Take your children and grandchildren pond dipping and moth watching
• Introduce a new person to the wonders of urban birding
• Lobby your local council to stop needlessly strimming green areas
The ambassadors also discuss species of particular concern including water voles, the turtle
dove, vultures and the hen harrier. Should visitors wish to discuss these issues further, David
Lindo, The Urban Birder, will be at the Leica Sport Optics stand from 10 - 11am on Friday, 16th
and Iolo Williams from 1 – 2pm on Saturday, 17th.
Leica Sport Optics will be on stand 8 in the Optics Marquee at the British Birdfair where visitors
will have the opportunity to view the full range of sport optics products and receive a
complimentary cleaning or small repairs service.

Birdfair 2019

08/16/2019 - 08/18/2019