With the term “Leica DNA”, Leica means the high quality requirements that all Leica products meet: minimised stray-light, optimum contrast, perfect colour fidelity, outstanding performance data, and high light transmission. Leica rangefinder products impress with optical excellence and allow the best vision and unique detail resolution, even in poor light. This is made possible by Leica’s specially developed and patented optical designs. The most recent pioneering innovation was the Perger-Porro prism, which is incorporated in the Geovid series.

Thanks to its sensitive automatic brightness control, as well as optimised ambient light suppression, the Geovid’s brilliant LED-display is bright and easily legible, without any dazzle or glare. That way the user’s eyes, which have already adjusted to darkness, aren’t irritated. On top of that, Leica exclusively works with class 1 lasers, which guarantee absolute safety for the eyes.

All Leica rangefinders represent exceptionally reliable performance measurement, whatever the conditions. Measurement time is only 0.3 seconds, and the rangefinders offer high detection rates even at long distances.