All of Leica’s rangefinding products are based on the same reliable technology. This means precise, dependable and safe distance determination simply with the press of a button.

In addition, the ballistics programmes calculate all parameters for a safe and ethical shot. Our rangefinders also represent a perfect viewing experience. They incorporate only the finest components and offer uncompromising optical performance. They are robust and compact and allow simple and precise handling in all situations.

Pioneering Technology

Cutting-edge laser distance determination

Leica rangefinders represent more than 25 years’ experience in civil laser distance determination, perfection in the integration of electronics, technology and optics, as well as constant innovation.

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Tough and good-looking

More than meets the eye

Apart from excellent materials and perfect workmanship, it is the rugged construction that makes the Leica rangefinder extremely reliable and robust. The same goes for its inner qualities, which may not be obvious at first glance

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Great performance in the hours approaching darknes

Clear view, even in unfavourable light

The patented optical design of all rangefinders guarantees outstanding contrast and maximum light transmission. The result is stunning image quality, even in unfavourable light conditions.

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