Leica PRS Reticles

Optimal performance and precision for long-range sport shooting.

All reticles of the Leica PRS 5-30x56 i are specially designed for long-range shooting. The reticles are particularly fine, in the first focal plane and ideal for versatile use – from long-range target shooting to competitions over extreme distances.

Reticles L-4a

With a crosshair thickness of 0.2 in/0.5 cm and distance between horizontal posts of 78.74 in/200 cm, these are the universal reticles for precision shooting.

Dot coverage in cm and 100m distance

Reticles L-Ballistic

This ballistic hunting reticle has hold marks and an illuminated scale, crosshair thickness of 0.4 cm, a center crosshair of 4 cm, and auxiliary marks at intervals of 10, 5 and 2 cm.

Coverage in cm and 100m distance.


Reticles L-PRB

This reticle, developed especially for long-range sport shooting, features “Christmas tree” hold marks, crosshair thickness of 0.4 cm, a center circle of 1 cm, and auxiliary marks at intervals of 10 and 2 cm. It is available in an illuminated or non-illuminated version.

Coverage in cm and 100m distance.

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