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Frame those special moments

Life has many magical moments you can see coming almost before they happen. Moments that must be kept forever, although they are gone in a flash. Moments that must be framed and captured to hold in your hand – transformed into lifelong memories that you can relive again and again. The Leica SOFORT was created precisely for these moments. The first instant camera from Leica. 

The Leica SOFORT:
Now in black.

Alongside the White, Orange and Mint colorways, the Leica SOFORT is now also available in the classic color that always goes with everything. This new black version stands out from its colorful counterparts with its unique signature. The product name SOFORT can be stylishly seen peeking out from the black, in white lettering all around the sides of the camera body.

Photographers and design aficionados alike can enjoy the fusion of style and function while capturing spontaneous and magical moments in instant film photos that are one-of-a-kind.

Pure joy of photography

Whether on a surf adventure or out at a party, the stylish, compact Leica SOFORT is always by your side. Dive into the atmosphere and be inspired! When you encounter a special moment, frame it, capture it – quickly, intuitively and creatively! The simple operation and variety of settings of the Leica SOFORT will help you take control.

is the name of the game

The Leica SOFORT has a programme suitable for every occasion. Just pick the one you need, concentrate on your subject and let the Leica SOFORT take care of everything else. But if you prefer to take control of the focusing distance, flash and exposure compensation yourself, your Leica SOFORT lets you do just that – whenever you like. 

More Details

As you can see: the Leica SOFORT is focused on you – not only in Selfie mode, but with all its other settings, too:

  • Macro
  • Bulb
  • Automatic
  • Self timer
  • Party and People
  • Sport and Action
  • Double Exposure
  • Selfie

Photos that celebrate life

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