A new generation of professional lenses

No other brand has such a legendary reputation for the development of excellent lenses as Leica. It is therefore not surprising that the new lenses for the Leica SL also provide unrivaled imaging results. In combination with the fastest autofocus in any professional camera system, this makes working with the Leica SL an entirely new experience. The SL-System is compatible with almost all Leica lenses ever made.

The LEICA SL-System Lenses

The lenses of the Leica SL-System are all specially designed and constructed for the new Leica SL mirrorless professional camera. As there is no longer a mirror and prism assembly, it was possible to realize a much shorter register. This constructional difference enables completely new optical and mechatronic solutions and, in return, the creation of lenses that deliver no less than the best in every respect. 

Leica TL-Lenses

As all Leica TL-Lenses are fully compatible with the Leica SL lens mount, this expands the camera’s range of options and brings even more creative freedom – with no need for an adapter.

Leica SL-Adapters

Leica adapters permit the use of more than 100 Leica lenses on the Leica SL. For instance, they allow photographers to take advantage of the exceptional performance of Leica S and M lenses. In the case of Leica M-Lenses, all functions, such as exposure metering, automatic aperture priority exposure, and manual setting are preserved to their full extent. Thanks to the Leica R-Adapter L, even the proven excellence of the extensive range of R-Lenses can be exploited to its full extent.