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Fast. Direct. Mirrorless.

The Future
One look is enough

The Leica SL-System is the embodiment of the digital era in professional photography. As a mirrorless system camera with an electronic viewfinder and electronic shutter, the Leica SL impresses with versatility, ease of handling and robustness.

Its versatility is underlined by its maximized compatibility with lenses from other Leica systems. Discover the power of the moment. Discover the Leica SL-System.

The tough, poetic yet precise SL-Summicron 75 was developed and produced with a new level of technical precision and is a game-changer for the SL system.
Cira Crowell

Cira Crowell is a third generation Leica photographer whose work spans conceptual fine art, adventure landscape, cultural studies, portraits and humanitarian documentary themes.

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Cira travels the world capturing evocative incidents of life and light to share in books, shows, talks and online and has trekked over 700 miles in the Himalayas from 8,000 to 18,000 feet (1100 km from 2,500-5,500m). She road-tested the new APO-Summicron-SL 75 f/2 ASPH. during her latest adventure in the mountainous regions of Nepal and was inspired by the results. We caught up with Cira to find out her inspirations and motivations, as well as her take on black and white photography and shooting with the new 75mm addition to the Leica SL professional lens portfolio.

16–35 f/3.5–4.5 ASPH.

The universal wide-angle zoom lens

With a range of focal lengths from 16 to 35 mm, this new high-performance lens expands the spectrum of the existing portfolio of SL zoom lenses into the super wide-angle spectrum.

Just like the standard and telephoto lenses, the universal wide-angle zoom lens is characterized by a fast and almost silent autofocus. The uncompromising image performance and reliability of the lens fulfill Leica’s promise of quality made in Germany.

Available from April 2018

EyeRes® viewfinder Complete control at any time

The Leica SL is the world’s first camera conceived for professional photography to feature an electronic viewfinder. With a latency time below the threshold of perception, an impressive resolution of 4.4 million pixels and the largest possible viewfinder image, the EyeRes® viewfinder developed especially for the Leica SL gives you complete control over every picture you take.


Full frame Highest picture quality under all conditions

The 24 MP CMOS sensor of the Leica SL has 4000 × 6000 pixels with a pixel pitch of 6 × 6 µm² on an active surface area of 24 × 36 mm. This means that you can depend on the imaging quality of a 35 mm, full-frame format. The omission of a low-pass filter ensures that the Leica SL delivers maximum image sharpness.


High-speed Autofocus

Never miss a moment

Capturing exactly the right moment is not only essential in sport photography. When used together with the Vario-Elmarit–SL 24–90 f/2.8–4 ASPH. and the Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90–280 f/2.8-4 zoom lenses, the Leica SL has one of the fastest autofocus systems of all professional cameras – including SLRs. The camera moves the focus from infinity to the closest focusing distance in less than 110 milliseconds.

...it's a very comfortable camera, it makes everything easy and fast.
Fred Mortagne

Skateboarding in L.A., photographed by Fred Mortagne

Fred Mortagne Blog

The acclaimed skateboarding filmmaker and photographer Fred Mortagne, alias French Fred, stages the Element skateboard team in the urban outskirts of Los Angeles with his Leica SL.

Leica SL-Lenses
The new generation of professional lenses

Leica’s reputation for excellent lenses is unrivaled by any other brand. So it’s no wonder that the new Leica SL-Lenses also deliver unparalleled picture quality. In combination with one of the fastest autofocus technologies of all professional camera systems, working with the Leica SL-System is a totally new experience.

Thanks to a range of dedicated adapters, the Leica SL is compatible with virtually all Leica lenses ever made.


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