LEICA SL-System Accessories and Equipment

An impressive system

The range of accessories and equipment for the Leica SL underlines its commitment to fulfilling professional demands. It ranges from a handgrip for easier shooting in portrait format and high-power flash units to an audio adapter for an off-camera microphone.


Perfect grip, even for one-handed photography in portrait format. It provides an additional shutter release, a joystick control for autofocus, and a compartment for a second battery.


An optional extra for the Leica SL handgrip. The high-quality handgrip strap for an even safer and more stable grip on the camera when shooting.

Name Order number
Leica Hand Strap S 16004
Leica SL Multifunctional Handgrip HG-SCL4 16063


One of the world’s most powerful compact flash units.

The SF 64 is one of the world’s most powerful compact flash units. Its high guide number of 64 at ISO 100/21° and a motor zoom for excellent flash coverage with focal lengths from 24 to 200 mm illuminates every subject. It also features a touch-screen display, a USB interface, a vertical (–9/+90°) and a horizontal (300°) reflector, and smart dual-reflector technology.

Compatible with Leica M (Typ 240), Leica M9, Leica Q, Leica SL, Leica S (Typ 006), Leica S (Typ 007).

Name Order number
Leica Flash Unit SF 64 14623


Fully equipped, easy to use

Although the SF40 flash unit is particularly easy to use, it offers a full range of features like high-speed sync and a nine-stage video lighting function. A guide number of 40 for focal lengths to 105 mm and a compact size make it an ideal companion when travelling light.

Compatible with Leica M (Typ 240), Leica Q, Leica SL, Leica X (Typ 113), Leica T (Typ 701), Leica X Vario.

Name Order number
Leica Flash Unit SF 40 14624


This foil provides effective protection against scratches and marks on the touch-screen display and significantly suppresses reflections.

Name Order number
Leica SL Display protection foil 16046


This high-performance, rechargeable lithium-ion battery was developed especially for the Leica SL. Constant monitoring of relevant battery data guarantees safe and convenient operation.

Name Order number
Leica SL Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery BP-SCL4 16062


The Audio Adapter provides 3.5 mm jack sockets for headphones and a remote microphone.

Name Order number
Leica SL Audio-Adapter AA-SCL4 16067


The Type A HDMI cable allows the connection of the Leica SL to external equipment with HDMI ports.

Name Order number
Leica SL HDMI Cable Typ A 1.5m 16072


The remote-release cable enables vibration-free shutter release, for example for time exposures or multiple exposures for HDR images. It also offers a shutter release lock as a perfect aid when shooting in bulb mode (B), with which exposures of up to 30 minutes are possible.

Name Order number
Leica SL Remote Release Cable RC-SCL4 16070

Circular polarisation filter

The circular polarisation filter eliminates undesirable reflections from shiny surfaces like water or glass and helps to enhance colour contrasts. The universal polarisation filter is supplied complete with a 180° swing-out mount that allows it to be positioned in front of the viewfinder window to control and assess the effect of polarisation on the subject before exposure. Thanks to a range of adapters, it can be used in combination with a multitude of different lenses.

Filter available in sizes: E52 to E95

Universal Adapter-M available in sizes: E39 to E49

Name Order number
Leica Pol Filter E82 13052

ND filter

Time exposure is essential for capturing and reproducing the flowing motion of subjects, such as waterfalls. The neutral density filter (ND) enables this even in sunlight by reducing the amount of light entering the lens to allow longer shutter speeds to be used. Colour rendition remains unaffected and undesirable reflections in contre jour exposures are prevented. In addition to this, the ND filter allows the use of larger apertures for capturing photos and videos with shallower depth of field.

Available in sizes: E39 to E95

Name Order number
Leica ND Filter E82 13059

UVa II filter

The UVa II filter protects the front elements of the lens against scratches, marks and dirt. At the same time, the new multicoating and significantly improved optical parameters make it possible to preserve full imaging quality, even in unfavourable lighting conditions. Thanks to an additional thread, the UVa II filter can also be used in combination with other filters, and acts as permanent protection for your valuable filters, too.

Available in sizes: E39 to E95, Series VII and VIII

Name Order number
Leica Uva II Filter E82 13042


The carrying strap in black saddle leather features a particularly comfortable, extra-wide shoulder/neck piece.

Name Order number
Leica Leather strap, black with shoulder section 14455
Name Order number
Leica R-Adapter L 16076
Leica M-Adapter L 18771
Leica S-Adapter L 16075