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Even the best camera cannot improve on the image its lens delivers. This is why our design engineers always push – and sometimes go beyond – the limits of the technically possible, and never accept compromises.

In the case of the lenses for the S-System, traditional Leica quality is combined with cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to quality is founded on a simple principle: photographers must be able to rely completely on their lenses in all shooting situations and under all conditions. In keeping with this philosophy, Leica S-Lenses deliver excellent imaging performance not only at all focusing distances but also at all apertures.

S-Prime Lenses
High-performance lenses

Prime lenses offer their own special qualities: they are fast and deliver outstanding performance. Their speed enables a wide range of new options, for instance the use of fast shutter speeds or the creative exploration of planes of focus and depth of field - the legendary Leica Bokeh.


S-Vario Lens
Cope with any situation

When pressures of time or limited accessibility to subjects make it impossible to change your position or lens, you can always rely on the variable focal lengths offered by the S-Vario-lens.


imaging performance

One outstanding feature of Leica S-Lenses is that they are exceptionally fast.

As the Leica S Lenses deliver such outstanding imaging performance, you can always use the best possible aperture for your creative needs. Stopping down serves only to control the depth of field and is not necessary to improve performance. 

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The fast initial aperture offers unrivaled creative freedom for photographers to explore planes of sharpness and unsharpness to distinctly isolate details of their subjects. With the interplay of precisely defined planes of sharpness and harmoniously resolved areas of unsharpness, visual effects that can only be achieved with the degree of perfection offered by Leica lenses unfold.

The purely digital concept of the S-System enables a significant improvement in imaging quality. For example, the cover glass of the image sensor, and its shallower and more precisely defined plane of focus compared with film, was taken into account for each and every lens. This in turn permits the realization of optical designs that raise contrast rendition performance to previously unimagined levels.

Such performance potential can only be fully exploited with an equally precise autofocus mechanism, and here, the microprocessor in every S-Lens works in perfect unison with the camera’s control systems: Every S-Lens employs a magnetoresistive sensor to continuously measure the distance setting. Autofocus can be overridden at any time with the focusing ring on the lens with a specially constructed mechanism ensuring a comfortable degree of rotational resistance. The autofocus can be adjusted at any time with the focusing ring on the lens, whereby a specially designed mechanism ensures a pleasant rotational resistance.

Flash synchronization
Even more scope for exploring your creative limits

Available for almost all S-Lenses, the Leica central shutter is a development that owes much in its technical realization to the most modern of high-tech material manufacturing methods. This masterpiece of precision and reliability is big on the inside and small on the outside .

The Leica central shutter has a very large inner diameter to cater for the lightning-fast speeds of the Leica S-Lenses. At the same time, it is so compact in size that it can be easily integrated into almost every S-Lens. 

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It is constructed with an extremely long service life and, with its fastest shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second, offers you much more creative leeway when working with professional flash systems for the suppression of ambient light or as fill lighting when using larger apertures on location.

You can choose between the fast metal focal plane shutter in the camera body and a top speed of 1/4000th of a second, and the central shutter integrated in CS lenses. All you have to do is simply select either “Focal Plane Shutter” (FPS) or “Central Shutter” (CS) with the main switch on the camera body. In flash mode, the fastest sync speed offered by the focal-plane shutter is 1/125th of a second. With a speed of 1/100th of a second, the central shutter expands the working range by three whole stop increments.

Made in Germany

Excellent optical design is the basis of the quality of Leica S lenses. All S-Lenses are built predominantly by hand by highly qualified specialists. Only decades of experience gathered in the advancement of the interaction between optical and mechanical manufacturing make it possible to realize the extremely precise tolerances demanded by the design specifications of each Leica high-performance lens. 

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Teaser Image 1 | Made in Germany | 1512x1008
Teaser Image 2 | Made in Germany | 1512x1008
Teaser Image 3 | Made in Germany | 1512x1008
Teaser Image 4 | Made in Germany | 1512x1008
Teaser Image 5 | Made in Germany | 1512x1008

Our technical staff do not simply adjust until a value is somewhere within the defined tolerances, they always take the time to ensure maximum precision. This is the only way to make sure an ambitious design becomes a perfect product. Whenever it provides a production benefit Leica also uses mechanical processes, some of which it has developed itself, such as aspherical lens technology. No other manufacturer possesses the same immense experience in the production of aspherical lenses – a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise without which the construction of lenses with the extreme performance characteristics of the Leica S-Lenses would never have been possible.

Just like all other components of the S-System, the lenses are perfectly protected against environmental influences such as dust and moisture. The exposed glass surfaces of all S-Lenses also feature our water and dirt-repellent AquaDura® coating, which prevents the adhesion of drops of water and particles of dirt and lets them just roll off the glass. The Leica S is therefore always ready for action, even in rainy and dusty environments.

Proofs of performance
S-Lenses in action

PoP-1 | APO-Elmar-S 3.5/180 | Briese | 1512x1008 - inkl. Exif
PoP 6 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
PoP 1 - Interieur | Super-Elmar-S 3.5/24 ASPH. | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
Paolo Esposito 1 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP 2 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
Paolo Esposito 7 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP 4 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
Paolo Esposito 3 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
Paolo Esposito 10 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP-3 | APO-Elmar-S 3.5/180 | Briese | 1512x1008 - inkl. Exif

Maximum compatibility
Gives you unimagined creative freedom

With the appropriate adapters, you also have access to a multitude of 80 third-party lenses. This makes your choice of Leica lenses almost limitless.


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