Leica S (Typ 007)

37.5 Megapixel

The Leica S-System enjoys a unique position in the medium format camera segment, with the Leica S (Typ 007) breaking new grounds for medium-format photography.

The Leica S CMOS sensor provides the necessary leap forward in terms of resolution and dynamic range. The 3:2 aspect ratio of the Leica ProFormat gives the pixels the space they need to produce the high quality results required by professionals. This level of performance is not only reached at base ISO but can still be attained when you are dependent on natural light at higher sensitivities. The Leica S has also rewritten the rules on fast continuous shooting at such high resolutions.. The lightning-fast shutter mechanism, the CMOS sensor, the Maestro II processor, and predictive autofocus all come together to ensure that the Leica S combines the image quality of a medium-format camera with the quick responsiveness of a 35mm model. Its strengths also shine through in movie mode, as the imaging quality of the Leica S-Lenses and the sensor create top-quality video footage.

The S is like my Stradivarius, a camera that, in the right environment, is unsurpassable
Mark Mann

Mark Mann is a celebrity and sports photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. He studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic and assisted fashion photographers Nick Knight and Miles Aldrige. After three years, Mark relocated to New York City.

Ambassador  Mark Mann | Geoffrey Rush | 1512x1008
Ambassador Mark Mann | Gillian Anderson | 1512x1008
Ambassador Mark Mann | John Boyega | 1512x1008

He endearingly describes his Leica S as his "Stradivarius" and cherishes the video capabilities of his Leica SL. We caught up with the very amiable NYC-based photographer to get his take on portrait photography and also hear why always having his Leica Q on-hand makes the grandmothers of his three-year-old son very happy indeed.

The Maestro II Processor

This processor, which has been specially developed for Leica, is four times faster than its predecessor, and sets a new record in the medium-format category with a frame rate of 3.5 fps.


Leica Pro Format
Redefining sensor format

With dimensions of 30 x 45 mm, this sensor is more than 50 per cent larger than that of a 35 mm camera. As a result, the Leica Pro Format strikes just the right balance between image quality and creative possibilities. 


Outstanding cinematic quality

Thanks to its sensor and processor, the Leica S can record professional video footage to Cine-4k standard, with the entire sensor width of 45 mm used for recording in full-HD resolution. When combined with the outstanding quality of the Leica S-Lenses, the result is video footage with a truly unique look.


Leica S-Lenses
In a class of their own

The best camera requires the best lenses to show its true potential and resolve. This is why our design engineers always push the limits of what is technically possible, and never accept compromises.

Leica S-Lenses combine traditional Leica quality with cutting-edge technology and innovation.


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