I don’t want
electronics and
complex menus.
I just want to
make pictures.

Huw John with the Leica M10-R

"It’s important to
enjoy the process
of making images."

And this is enhanced by the Leica M10-R: set the shutter, aperture and focus – done. The camera gave me the best colors I have ever captured. The crispy sharp resolution in the detail is super impressive. And the increased dynamic range got me to the point where I didn't worry too much about the exposure being exactly perfect. The large DNG files are just beautiful.

COVID-19 meant that my editorial work stopped. Everything felt very odd indeed. I noticed an environmental change. The streets went silent, there were no people. But the birds seemed to be around in greater numbers. The sky went blue. Really deep, azure blue. The type of blue I remember from beach holidays of my childhood. Was this down to the absence of aircraft in the sky? The absence of cars, buses, trains? Who knows? All I knew was that I needed to photograph this change.

"I get a rush of adrenaline every time I pick up and shoot with the M10 series."

British photographer Huw John has extensive experience with various Leica M cameras, though he is especially excited about the new M10-R. In his short time with the camera he has already shot an incredible 17,000 pictures to date. “The dynamic range is just superb. I barely corrected the files in Photoshop, there was so little to be done." The M10-R proved the perfect tool for him to capture the intense colors of a world in lockdown.

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Leica M10-R

Redefining image quality.