Leica M10-R

Redefining image quality.

Leica M10-R, black chrome
Leica M10-R, black chrome Leica M10-R, silver chrome
Leica M10-R black paint finish

Lines, Structures,
Textures, Light
and Shadow

Dominic Verhulst with the Leica M10-R

"I enjoy photographing modern architecture."

Because I have always been fascinated by the details that make up a building, and the ways in which groups of different buildings make up the skyline of a city.

"The 40-megapixel sensor opens up
new levels of image quality."

Even after capturing the image, I am able to zoom into the most minute architectural details. And, thanks to the minimal image noise at high ISO settings, I can happily use the M10-R in very low-light situations whilst still achieving maximum image quality.

"The Leica M10-R

I become relaxed when I am taking pictures. The camera promotes a connection, and the feeling I get when I press the shutter continues to be something very special.

Leica M10-R

Redefining image quality.