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Leica CL, black anodised
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New improved features

Keep your Leica CL at the cutting edge of the latest technical developments: This firmware update improves the performance of your Leica CL, bringing you new features and enhanced camera handling.

Optimized functions in detail

Firmware Update 4.1
Bugfixing Bugfixes in the firmware


You can quickly and easily download the Firmware Update for the Leica CL. The instructions provided with the firmware update will guide you safely through the installation process.

Firmware Leica CL - Vers. 4.1

Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Traditional Chinese
Date: 06/2021 Format: FW (79.44 MB)

Installation instructions for Leica CL - Firmware 4.1

Date: 06/2021 Format: PDF (69.24 kB)

Installationsanleitung für Leica CL - Firmware 4.1

Date: 06/2021 Format: PDF (86.60 kB)

Firmware Chronology

Firmware Update 2.0
Double dial customization Swap functions between dials for each PASM mode enabled.
Button and Dial lock Long push of left dial button lock causes lock for all buttons and dials except from Power Switch, Release Button and Left Dial Button long push.
Power Saving Mode implemented The camera automatically goes to Auto Power Off after 10 seconds.
Touch AF field navigation with EVF usage In Touch AF Mode whilst using EVF, the cursor keys can move the AF Field/AFs, Spot/AFs.
Firmware Update 2.1
QR Code for all Leica Cameras Easy pairing of smartphone and Leica cameras.
1-Click Connection with FN-Button WLAN starts without submenus on FN-button.
Fixed WLAN name and password No submenus for setting name and password.
Easy access No submenus for setting a connection mode.
Firmware Update 2.2
Performance Improvements The firmware update enables compatibility with current and future L-Mount lenses from Leica as well as from our L-Mount Alliance partners Panasonic and Sigma.
Firmware Update 3.1
AF / AE Lock added to FN menu The AF and AE Lock function allows you to lock your focus and/or exposure settings separately from the shutter button as you recompose your shot.
Aperture control during video recording Allows you to select and change aperture while filming.
Movable zoom position of the magnified live view in manual focus mode While using manual focus mode, the magnified live view can now be repositioned to other parts of the frame to focus and compose the shot at the same time.
Focus Peaking sensitivity added to menu Two sensitivity modes, "Low" and "High", for Focus Peaking are now available.
Touch AF On/Off option for AF Modes The touch auto focus functionality can now be activated or deactivated via the Focusing sub-menu. (Touch AF not available in Multi-Field or Face Detection AF Modes)
EVF Brightness adjustment added to menu You can now adjust the brightness of the electronic viewfinder in 10 steps.
4K video file size limitation lifted Until now, the 4K video files were limited to 4GB maximum size. This constraint has been removed.
Auto ISO behavior Auto-ISO has been tuned to further prioritize correct exposures.
Menu item WLAN has been renamed to Leica FOTOS
L-Mount lenses can be updated via separate lens update file
Firmware Update 3.2
L-Mount Improved compatibility with lenses that are equipped with a focus limiter switch.
Improved compatibility with lenses that are equipped with an O.I.S. mode switch.
Improved compatibility with lenses that are equipped with an aperture ring.
Overall Improvement of the shutter release delay in bright backlit situations.
Firmware version for Leica L-Adapters is shown in camera menu.
Video The video mode is no longer inaccessible when the battery is low, so now users can choose to film until the final moments of charge left on the battery.
Firmware Update 4.0
Status screen for photo and video implemented Complete overview of the preferred settings, easy access and operation by button or touch. The video mode can be deactivated or activated via the status screen.
Digital zoom function for all TL Lenses - 1,3x and 1,7x Possibility to zoom further into the image than the optical focal length and the optical zoom of the used lens allow while taking pictures.
Copyright Information Additional information can be integrated into the metadata of the image such as Artist name and free information.
Simplified connection for Leica FOTOS Dedicated menu item for Leica FOTOS.