I’m known for taking pictures very close, and the older I get, the closer I get.
Bruce Gilden

Gilden’s detail-rich pictures, printed in outstanding quality, measuring 2,7 by 1,8 m, are probably the largest, single-sheet photographs ever printed in such high quality. The exhibition had its premiere in Hamburg in October 2015. For more than four decades Bruce Gilden only trusted in film, now he has embraced digital. His word was all in black and white and now he has added color to his palette as another option.

In my 48-year career of photographing people. I have never been interested in banal faces. They’ve always had to be standing out from the rest. I need to feel an affinity for the people I photograph. It can be just some detail in them that triggers my curiosity and where I recognize a symbol that revives personal memories. Every one of us carries scars, either apparent or concealed deep inside. These scars intrigue me, and I’m drawn to the stories that I perceive in them. Each encounter brings in a new and different perspective on the ups and downs of life.
This visual attraction for my subjects remains the inspiration for my personal work and the thread that links it all together, with a significant addendum: now that I see the world around me in color and that I photograph mostly faces oven closer than before. I look for those who display a certain in their eyes. I believe that my subjects have always been my interpreters, and my messengers in that constant, blunt and direct conversation that I’m having with the world as I see it around me, wherever I am working.
Bruce Gilden for S-Magazine, Issue 7

Born in 1946, Bruce Gilden and his photography are inextricably linked. Hours as a child looking at tough guys on the bustling streets of Brooklyn from his second-story window shaped Gilden’s attraction to his photographic subjects, which he fondly refers to as “characters”.


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