Jiří-Brožek-1981-©-Stanislav-Tůma Malostranska-zed-ve-14 Na-chodbe-u-J Nataša-Hanušová-1982©-Stanislav-Tůma Ondra-Pavelka-1983-©-Stanislav-Tůma Petřík,-Praha,1992-©-Stanislav-Tůma Rámy-Zdenka-Hůly,-1985-©-Stanislav-Tůma S-Jiřkou-na-cestách,-1985-©-Stanislav-Tůma Sloupek,-Praha-1985-©-Stanislav-Tůma Tonda-Šulc-1982-©-Stanislav-Tůma Tonduv-konicek,-Podhora-1981-©-Stanislav-Tůma U-Černých,-Lemberk-1983-©-Stanislav-Tůma Z-Tržiště,-Praha-1981-©-Stanislav-Tůma

Stanislav Tuma undoubtedly belongs among the most significant Czech photographers of the end of the 20th century and turn of the 21st. Despite the many years since his passing, photographs from his extensive archive remain contemporary and represent the artistic values characteristic of the best of classical photography’s legacy. The black and white photos taken with his Leica all share some common attributes – poetic imagination and the use of metaphor; minimalism and a certain freedom in the message conveyed; a well thought-out composition and flawless utilization of light.   

The Years Measured by Light exhibition focuses mainly on his extraordinary still life photography, which is today considered as the most valuable among the whole opus. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to a collection of images, which merely hint at an unfinished story and leave them open for the viewer’s imagination. Last but not least, an assembly of Tuma’s companions’ portraits revives not only the atmosphere and young faces of the bohemian times past but also reminds us that Stanislav Tuma was an exceptional portraitist, well equipped to reflect the soul of his model.

Stanislav Tuma: Years measured by light

01/11/2019 - 03/03/2019
Gallery Prague