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The black-and-white photographs presented here, made using the analog process, represent his work of the last forty years, yet the selection constitutes a whole: the individual photographs are united by an inner bond. Only by selecting the place, subject matter, light, and time, and visually linking elements of the photographed world, without any external or formal manipulation, Machotka shapes his shots much as an artist constructs an abstract painting. Each of his photographs is then an individual work, reflecting not only the appearance of urban civilization, but also resonating with his innermost feelings when encountering the everyday life, banality, and materialism of his environment. Viewers find themselves on the threshold of a very familiar world, which is first cast into doubt and then opened up again to their own imagination.

A monograph treating the author’s work is being published in connection with the exhibition.

Miroslav Machotka - Site Events | A Retrospective

01/23/2015 - 04/06/2015

Leica Gallery Prague

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