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The Italians, of which this exhibition is eponymous, was published in 2011, five years after the world-famous Magnum photographer’s death. The work that it encompasses was a lifetime pursuit of Freed – he once referred to his relationship with Italy as a “love story.” Early in his professional work he discovered New York City’s Little Italy and then later throughout his long career he made more than forty-five trips to Italy. The images capture the joys of childhood, love, marriage, and the celebration of family and food. Freed wrote: “If it is true that a nation’s reputation for hospitality comes from its natives, Italy will always be at the top of my list… There is an Italian saying: ‘When you sit at my table you are a member of the family.’ How true.” Michael Miller who wrote the book’s Introduction states: “Italy was so close to Leonard Freed’s deepest affinities, as well as the fruits of his self-exploration, that this book is as much about the artist as it is about its subject… Italy remained for Freed as much an inner landscape as a field for observation. Here you will find a richly variegated portrait of Italian society, beginning close to the midpoint of the twentieth century and continuing into the next, as well as reflections of the artist’s psyche as it developed through the human encounters photography brought his way.” The Directors of Leica Gallery have worked closely with Leonard Freed’s widow, Brigitte, to curate this posthumous exhibition.

Leonard Freed - The Italians

06/13/2014 - 08/09/2014

Leica Gallery New York

670 Broadway / Suite 500
New York, NY 10012