With a background in cinematography (having lensed the international multi-award-winning “Face to Face” for director Michael Rymer), Dennys has for the past 13 years also pursued his passion as a professional photographer. Serving a staggering array of clients from major motion pictures, television, magazines and musicians, Dennys is now permanently based in Los Angeles where he has become best known for edgy and soulful images that capture the true essence of his subjects. His photography has been commissioned by a number of major film studios and musicians, including Warner Bros. Pictures, Roadshow, United Pictures International (UPI), Newline Cinema, Strange Music / Tech N9ne and Flo-Rida. His beautiful and haunting images of iconic sci-fi actresses Amanda Tapping, Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff have sold for, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity. Dennys is also known for having photographed actor Daniel Radcliffe on many occasions from the age of 15 for the covers and editorial stories in hundreds of international publications associated with the release of the Harry Potter films.
Now based in Los Angeles Dennys continues to follow his passion for photography and his love of Leica cameras combining the two with portraiture of actors, actresses and musicians and a number of related books to be released in 2016,

Artists Statement

For many years I found myself wrestling with the thought that i have lived intentionally disconnected from people. As I’ve grown older and delved into this sense of isolation it’s become apparent to me that all people live with some level of sadness, constantly seeking joy, validation and connection. Moments of true happiness are fleeting.

It is this desire to connect with humans on an intimate level that drives my work. I have a strong desire to tap onto the beautiful sadness that haunts each and every one of us. For this reason i have always kept my shoots as lean as possible, avoiding the noise and static that comes from an overload of equipment and assistants. When its just me, my camera and the subject i can work on drawing out the darkness and often too, the joy. This is also that reason that I opt for location shoots and the sun over the sterility of studios and flashes: These environments are more conducive to honesty, reflection, connection and inspiration.

Dennys Ilic RetrospectiveJanuary 23 – February 29Opening Jan 23, 6-9PM