The Leitz-Park in Wetzlar: A unique experience and a source of inspiration

The focus of Leica’s appearance at photokina 2018 in Cologne is not only set on the extremely diverse product portfolio of the traditional manufacturer from Wetzlar, but also on the Leitz-Park itself. At Leica, everything has always revolved around the picture, the school of visualisation, the history of photography, the vibrancy of photographic culture and the people behind the cameras – in other words, DAS WESENTLICHE. Since the opening of the Leitz-Park complex on 15 June 2018, all this has now become a visible and tangible experience.

Parallel to this year’s photokina, Leica Camera AG presents an exclusive, two-day offer that invites visitors with a passion for photography to discover the fascination of Leitz-Park. The offer includes an overnight stay and breakfast at the arcona LIVING ERNST LEITZ Hotel, the visit to the World of Leica Experience and the current exhibition in the new World of Leica building (including a combined ticket with admission to the Viseum in Wetzlar) and a lecture given by the Leica Akademie. The offer addresses parties of two and costs 260 euros.

Otherwise, the Leitz-Park complex is open all year round and offers visitors inspirational exhibitions of exceptional photography, unique insights into the factory and the history of the company, guided tours, photography workshops and much more.

On a stroll through the World of Leica Experience in the headquarters building of Leica Camera AG the focus is on the unique history of the company and the factory, in which visitors gather insights into the production of lenses, camera assembly and the construction of binoculars with the legendary ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal. A constantly changing exhibition showing milestones from the history of Leica products, rare items and collectors’ pieces is located between two permanent installations with impressions from 100 years of Leica photography and sport optics. A particular highlight is the Leica Gallery, which shows constantly changing exhibitions featuring exceptional, amazing and inspirational works by famous photographers and artists.

At present, the rooms of the future Leica Museum invite visitors to linger a while and enjoy extraordinary exhibitions of photographic art and handpicked works by famous photographers and artists. The exhibition currently on show here is ‘Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography’. The exhibition focuses on the revolutionary changes prompted by a technical innovation, the compact and easily portable ‘Ur-Leica’. The 35 mm camera not only brought about change and progress in the field of photography, but also triggered a significant shift in our perception of society and the world around us. The majority of the images that engraved themselves into our collective consciousness from the 1920s onwards were captured with the Leica (‘Leitz Camera’), thus providing impressive documentation of contemporary events. Following its enormous success at venues in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Ghent, Porto, Madrid and Rome, this unique exhibition now ends its tour in Wetzlar. The unique aspect of the exhibition is a collection of exhibits the like of which will never be seen in this form again anywhere in Europe.

With its extensive range of excellent photographic prints, high-quality photo books, technical literature and Leica accessories, the Leica Museum Shop is just as much a part of the world of Leica as the Leica Store, which presents the current Leica product portfolio, and the Leica Archives, where all historical and contemporary knowledge of the brand is gathered and documented.

In addition, visitors to Leitz-Park can find information about the interesting and diverse programme of workshops and photographic tours offered by the Global Leica Akademie for experienced photographers and newcomers to photography, or the wide range of services offered by Leica Customer Care.

Ideal ways to round off a visit to Leitz-Park are a leisurely walk on the Leica Nature Trail, which provides fascinating insights into the diversity of our flora and fauna, or a visit to one of the gastronomic highlights of Leitz-Park to relax and enjoy a selection of culinary delights, for instance at the Café Leitz or the Weinwirtschaft Restaurant of the arcona LIVING ERNST LEITZ HOTEL. The hotel is a part of Leitz-Park and celebrates the world of Leica photography with the unique interior design concept of its public areas and hotel rooms.

All areas of the World of Leica Experience in Leitz-Park can be explored alone or on a guided tour with a Leica Tour Guide. Guided tours of the Leitz-Park and the Leica brand universe are available only by prior arrangement and must be booked in advance by email to:

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