1. 2018

    06/06/2018 In the ‘Illuminated’ campaign, photographers explore cities of the world with the Leica Q Leica Camera AG presents an interactive multi-content campaign: ‘Illuminated’ is a journey of discovery on which seven photographers each travel to a city that was previously unknown to them with a Leica Q. Each journey – whether to Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Berlin, Milan or New York – has its own unique theme, within the bounds of which the photographers create a pictorial portfolio and publish it on the website
  2. 06/05/2018 Dr Marita Paasch appointed COO of Leica Camera AG The Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG has appointed Dr Marita Paasch (52) to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company with effect from 1 June 2018. Dr Paasch assumes executive responsibility for the areas Operations, Research & Development, Procurement, Customer Care and Supply Chain Management from her predecessor, Markus Limberger (47).
  3. 06/04/2018 New flash system: the compact and versatile Leica SF 60 flash unit and the Leica SF C1 remote control unit for on- and off-camera flash photography Leica Camera AG presents the new SF 60 flash unit and the SF C1 remote control unit as perfect additions to the Leica S, SL and M systems. The two units can also be used in combination with the Leica Q and the Leica CL. While the flash unit provides an extensive range of options for flash-photography in a compact form, the remote control unit enables off-camera flash with the SF 60 and provides countless additional creative opportunities.
  4. 05/22/2018 Newly founded Global Leica Akademie has expanded the international Leica Akademie network and now presents its programme for 2018 The Leica Akademie can look back on a long tradition. For almost ninety years, the oldest and most prestigious of all modern schools of photography has accompanied dedicated photographers on their way to the creation of the best possible picture. For more than a decade, the Leica Akademie has also seen successful expansion on an international scale. Photographers around the globe can currently experience a varied programme covering the whole world of Leica photography at the 15 Leica Akademie locations in selected cities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The aim of the newly founded Global Leica Akademie is the successive expansion of the international network of Leica Akademies. To accompany this, a new programme of events has been compiled. Participants from around the world can look forward to exciting photographic tours in Germany with a visit to the Leitz-Park in Wetzlar and exclusive insights into the world of Leica.
  5. 05/18/2018 Leica Camera AG and CW Sonderoptic GmbH award the ‘Leica Cine Discovery Prize’ to Jacqueline Lentzou This year’s Leica Cine Discovery Prize, awarded in the course of the ‘La Semaine de la Critique’ film festival, goes to the filmmaker’ Jacqueline Lentzou. Leica Camera AG and CW Sonderoptic GmbH congratulate the winner. Her film, ‘Ektoras Malo’, was honoured in the category ‘Short Film’, which includes prize money of 4,000 euros. In ‘Ektoras Malo’, the story takes place at New Year’s Eve and touches on elements such as loneliness and neglect. Sofia, the young protagonist, must come to terms with her doubts between excitement and sadness.
  6. 05/16/2018 Bruce Davidson receives the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2018 On 15 June 2018, Leica Camera AG will be honouring American photographer Bruce Davidson with the Leica Hall of Fame Award. In his honour, a selection of pictures from his extensive oeuvre will be shown in the context of a major exhibition that will open to the public in the Leica Gallery in Wetzlar on 15 June and continue until 9 September 2018.
  7. 04/10/2018 Leica Camera AG returns this year as official partner of ‘La Semaine de la Critique’ of Cannes Film Festival 2018 For the third year in succession, Leica Camera AG will be the official partner of the internationally renowned ‘La Semaine de la Critique’ – parallel section of Cannes Film Festival – and will be awarding the ‘Leica Cine Discovery Prize’ for the best newcomer in the short film category together with its affiliate CW Sonderoptic GmbH. La Semaine de la Critique (from 9th to 17th May 2018) focuses on the work of young and innovative filmmakers and is considered to be one of the world’s most influential film festivals. Continuing their support for young talents, Leica Camera AG and CW Sonderoptic GmbH will again be awarding the ‘Leica Cine Discovery Prize’ in the course of the renowned film festival.
  8. 04/09/2018 Versatile wide-angle lens: Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16–35/3.5–4.5 ASPH. expands the SL-System The Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16–35/3.5–4.5 ASPH. wide-angle zoom lens complements the previously available portfolio of two zoom lenses for the Leica SL. Its range of focal lengths is ideal for a diversity of uses, ranging from landscape and architectural photography, wedding, event, and concert photography to reportage and documentary photography. In combination with the familiarly high product quality and imaging performance, its protected construction and special AquaDura® lens coating make this lens an ideal companion for professional photographers at all times, even in adverse weather conditions.
  9. 03/22/2018 Leica Camera AG integrates Sinar Photography in its own organisational structure Within the context of the worldwide realignment of the Leica professional sales network, product management, marketing, sales and distribution and service for Sinar Photography products will be integrated into the newly created Professional Channel/B2B of Leica Camera AG and, in future, will be managed and controlled from Wetzlar. In the course of this, the Sinar offices currently located in Zurich will be closed with effect from 31.3.2018 and Sinar Photography AG will be merged with Leica Camera AG Schweiz, located in Nidau, Switzerland.
  10. 03/15/2018 Leica confirms its commitment to photography as an official partner of Photo London 2018 As a camera and optics brand, Leica has been deeply involved in not only the production but the culture of photography since its inception. The brand’s passion for this art form is still something that it heavily involves itself in today. For Leica, photography has always been at the forefront of its thoughts and actions; Leica is photography. It is then befitting that for the third year running, Leica Camera will be the Official Partner of Photo London and is proud to host the Leica Collector’s Lounge.
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