Leica Silverline – stylish performance
Precision as a lifestyle statement
Optical excellence with individual character and personality

The Silverline binoculars reflect individual character and personality. Our painstaking care in their construction and finishing guarantees you ultimate precision and our passion for detail lets you experience wonderful and unforgettable moments. Silverline will inspire you to discover the wonderful world of optical excellence.....in style.



Quiet, please!'

The second serve is out, a perfect break point. At the world's oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament, the crowd senses the tension. With Leica Silverline binoculars you could just as well be down on the court. You can see the intense concentration of the players, every facial expression, the uncompromising will to win.



Exclusive and precise

In the stalls of the sold-out concert hall, you sit back and revel in the sound of the orchestra. Captivated, you watch the conductor and how he interprets the score not only with his baton, but with every movement he makes. You sense his passion and dedication, his love of music. Discover that world in incomparable clarity and brightness and see details that would otherwise have remained hidden from your eyes for ever.


The benefits at a glance:

_ Excellent resolving power
_ Timeless style
_ Easy and comfortable handling
_ Comfortable grip characteristics
_ Large reserves of light-gathering power for unfavourable light conditions

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Silverline 42

A distinctive formal vocabulary, select materials and uncompromising quality - brought together in technical and functional perfection. Wherever you wish to see more, wherever you wish to be closer to the action - the Silverline 42 models guarantee that every moment is an unforgettable experience. Intense and only a hair's breadth away.

_ 8× or 10× magnification
_ High-contrast viewing, good detail resolution
_ Optimum ratio of light-gathering performance to weight


Silverline Compact

We have packed unusually high performance into our high-precision compacts. For instance, our specially developed HDC® multicoating ensures natural colour fidelity and images with perfect contrast rendition. And best of all: their compact size means they slip comfortably in any jacket pocket and makes them a convenient and practical companion for any occasion.

_ Two models - 8x20 and 10x25
_ Light and compact
_ Easy and comfortable handling
_ Comfortable grip characteristics
_ Timeless style

Silverline Mono

The Silverline 8x20 Mono reveals even the finest details. This monocular glass with 8× magnification is small and light and slips easily into any pocket. The close-up lens offers unique macro capability and lets you discover worlds that would otherwise remain unseen. The Silverline Mono is the perfect companion for a day in the country, a concert or an evening at the theatre.

_ Bright and crystal-clear image
_ Light, compact and stylish
_ 8× magnification
_ Practical hand strap
_ Lightweight - 112 g / ~ 4 oz
_ Close-up lens
_ Waterproof to 5 m / 16.5 ft
_ Practical tubular shaped case

Leica Silverline Full-size, Compact and Mono Specification at a glance

Silverline 42 Silverline Compact Silverline Mono
Order no. 40 653 (8x42) 40 654 (10x42) 40 651 (8x20)40 652 (10x25) 40 650
Package includes Protective caps, case Protective caps, case Protective caps, case, close-up lens
Magnification 8× or 10× 8× or 10×
Objective lens diameter 42 mm 20 mm or 25 mm 20 mm
Field of view at 1000 m / 1000 yds 130 m / 390 ft (8×) I 112 m / 336 ft (10×) 110 m / 330 ft (8×) I 90 m / 270 ft (10×) 110 m / 330 ft
Close focus limit ~ 3 m / 9.8 ft (8×) I ~ 2.9 m / 9.5 ft (10×) ~ 1.8 m / 5.9 ft (8×) I ~ 3.2 m / 10.5 ft (10×) ~ 1.8 m / 5.9 ft, 25-30 cm / 9.8-11.8 in. with close-up lens
Weight ~ 710 g / ~ 1.6 lb (8×) I ~ 695 g / ~ 1.5 lb (10×) ~ 230 g /~ 8.1 oz (8×) I~ 255 g /~ 9 oz (10×) 112 g / ~ 3.9 oz, monocular14 g / ~ 0.5 oz, close-up lens

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