Leica Pinmaster II - more innovation for more precision
For more accuracy on the golf course
Now, for even more precision on the golf course



With a Leica Pinmaster II, you can accurately measure all the distances you need on the fairways and to the greens at your fingertips. This pocket sized laser rangefinder guarantees precise distance measurement up to a range of 750 m / 820 yds.
The Pinmaster II offers three key features for even greater precision in any weather.




Attractive and ergonomic design

The Pinmaster II matches its predecessor in terms of feel and design: small, light and ergonomically constructed, it fits perfectly in one hand and, thanks to its elegant and stylish appearance, will never look out of place in the world of golf.

Ready to go in a flash

Dirt and water simply roll off the lenses, thanks to AquaDura® coating. Additional protection is guaranteed by a carbon-fibre-reinforced body and waterproofing to a depth of 1 metre / 3.3 ft. The improved LED display enables users to read off distances even in unfavourable light conditions, for instance in bright sunshine, mist or dusk.

A real ‘hole-in-one' is its metre/yard switch that lets you toggle between the different measurements. So now, the choice of the most suitable club, from wedge to driver and optimum swing can be made without any need for guesswork - anywhere in the world.

Pinmaster II specification at a glance

Specifications Pinmaster II
Order no. 40 533
Package includes Cordura case, lanyard and battery
Measuring First-target logic for precise determination of distances to small objects
Objective lens diameter 24 mm
Field of view at 1000 m / 1000 yds 115 m / 345 ft
Close focus limit 10 to 750 m / 10 to 825 yds
Weight ~ 220 g / 7.8 oz, incl. battery

Full specifications may be found here:
Specifications Pinmaster II